For I Am King: Daemons Album Review

When Project Metal Music came across For I Am King via email, I thought, OK, lets check these guys out, and just as well as this band is good, really good.

For I Am King have released the album Daemons in June 2016, and this is there Debut album. The members of the band are Alma – Vocals, Wouter – Guitar, Jurgen – Guitar, Jasper – Bass and Jaap – Drums, and they have been together for 3 years, as they formed in October of 2013.

Black Death is the first track on the album, this is a really good track as it has some amazing guitars and drums that will get any metalhead going and the vocals by Alma are brilliant as she does the growl superbly. I do like this song as it is in the style of Arch Enemy, and they have stated that Arch Enemy is one of their influences.

Breathe The Fire is up next and if you like a good solid metal track you gonna like this as it has some tremendous guitars and some awesome drums and this song has to be cranked up on your sound system to get the full effect. Lost In Divinity this track has that Deathcore element to the overall sound, and in parts this has a Cradle Of Filth touch, especially within the vocals of Alma.

As you can see from the video above, The Crone is amazing track and has that quality that combines great guitars, double bass drums and the vocals. I can see why they have chosen this as their lead song off the album. you have to watch this to see what I mean.

Tantalus is just a down right good metal track with some thrash metal guitars, some heavy duty sweet riffs, it also has some really good solid growls. Interlude is a really good space filler as it shows of the talent of the band as they can shift from metal to something completely different.

Hades is the 7th track off the album. This track is slightly different to the first half of the album, as it is slightly slower in tempo but it still has that aggression of the other songs. Des-Troy is up next, unlike Hades, Des-Troy is a downright face melter with the drums and the Speed Metal guitars and riffs. I can see the mosh pit doing a Wall Of Death to this track as it has that tempo and aggression.

At first I thought Faust was going to be an instrumental track, (which I do like a good instrumental metal track), Faust is one of those songs that you can quite happily play whilst cruising down the highway on a warm sunny day. We Must Obey is the last track on the album and is another awesome song, the way that the guitarists play their guitars is sublime as the riffs are soaring up one moment, then down the next you have to listen to this track see what I mean.

Well what can I say about this album and the band they are brilliant, so I highly recommend that you check them out on their website and get their album Daemons

I would definitely give For I Am King a 4.5 out of 5, a proper good album, totally enjoyed it.

Project Metal Music

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