Dead Rites: Bereavement Album Review

When I was on Facebook the other day checking messages and what not, Don de Leaumont posted a link up in the PMM group, and he added me as a friend. so we started to talk, as you do. so we got on talking about music, and Don said that he runs a PR company called Dark Waters PR, so he said I’ll send a couple of bands over to you, I said OK champion, the first band that he sent was Dead Rites.

Dead Rites are a band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, they formed in 2004 by the lead vocals and songwriter Radu. Dead Rites is a blend of Old School and Modern Heavy Metal, with some Punk thrown in for good measure.

Asphyxiate is the first track of the album, and is primarily a Death Metal song at its core and it has some elements of Heavy Metal in the vocals and on the guitars. This track is that good, I have put it on my playlist. Forsaken I is an 8 minute song, and this is more of a ballad which harks back to the 80’s era of rock, and it has that galloping beat from the middle of the song, which reminds me of bands such as Iron Maiden, Hellowe’en etc, and it is riff laden, and you can’t go wrong with a damn good riff.

Forsaken II is the follow up to the previous track and it continues on from the end of Forsaken I, but this time its more fast paced. This song is really good as this reminds me of Wolfsbane and the Blaze Bailey era of Iron Maiden when they done The X Factor album, totally love this track.

Darkness Over You, not too sure about this song, don’t know if its the guitars, they have the bass and 2 other six stringers trying to compete with each other, or it could be Radu singing off key, which lets it down.

Midnight is more like it, this is a Punk classic in the making, it has that, fast paced bass line that takes you back to the height of the punk era of 1978. plus Radu has that Jim Morrison vibe going on in his vocal performance.

Gods, Demons, and Me, this one hell of a track, if you like your music loud and downright heavy you’ll love Gods, Demons, and Me. This has gone on to my playlist as its that good. The last track is Bereavement and it is good, it is about losing someone close to and the aftermath of the people left behind.

Dead Rites are a good band and you should check them out on their Facebook page.

I would give Dead Rites a 4.5 out of 5


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