Masamune (Hivemind), Gwem, Chris Binding, and Btype Gig

Over the last few weeks I was looking forward to this gig as I really wanted to see Masamune again, as the last time I saw them was back in June, when they supported Lava Frog when they played Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.


BType is a singer and promoter, and put this gig on to celebrate his birthday. I have seen BType before, a few months back at Fitzgeralds in Sunderland. He is a hip hop/rapper, OK granted Hip Hop and Rapping may not be to my liking but I do appreciate the styles of old school Rap and Hip Hop and I do like some of the Rap Metal crossover bands such as Stuck Mojo etc. BType did some songs that he did beforeand he did a new song, and he got a friend up to do some beat boxing on some of the songs. This guys is pretty entertaining.

Chris Binding

BType introduced Chris Binding and is a friend Of BType’s. Chris is an acoustic guitarist, and I didn’t know anything about this guy or what style of music he played, but from what he did on the night I was impressed enough to find out more about the music that this guy has done, which is acoustic rock. He also done a few tracks with BType and the Beat box guy and the crowd was really liking what they were hearing and were getting involved.


Gwen is from London, and BType invited him up to play at the Borough. Now this is another guy that I didn’t know anything about before hand, so when he was talking before and during his set, he said that someone asked him what type of music he played whilst he was at the bar, and he went on and said that he played something akin to Iron Maiden, and when he started to play, I could see where he was coming from as the music was a cross between Punk and Iron  Maiden on the whole but he also done some Rap and Hip Hop as well, I was like Yeah this guy is pretty decent and he does play a decent electric guitar. Plus BType joined in on one of the songs Gwem was playing as it was BType’s favourites.

At the end of Gwem’s set BType’s sister wanted to get up and sing so BType got onto the mic and introduced her and when she started to sing everyone fell silent and watch her, This kid can sing, and when she’d finished the song, everyone was clapping cheering.

Masasume (Hivemind)

Well this was the band that I wanted to see, I waited 4 months to catch these again, and they didn’t disappoint. As they went through their set, they had a good re-pour with the crowd and the people enjoyed it. Some of the tracks that syood out for me was dreams For Sale and Masquerade. as rolled on in their set they got BType up to sing a song that he and Masasume wrote a few years back and and it was really good.


When Lauren (singer) was back on vocal duties, she announced that tomorrow (Sunday 23rd October) there will be an announcement of a new video and and something really big.

As their set was coming to a close they did a new song Gods & Guns which is really good and I will be getting it at some point. As they done the last song, the crowd was shouting “More, more”, and Lauren said to the band “Right, what song shall we do”, I didn’t quite catch the song title, Masasume dove right into the encore, when they finished they came off the stage and started to mingle with the crowd to congratulations, well done and great show.

When Sunday arrived a message came up on my personal Facebook news feed that they released the video of Gods & Guns also they announced that they changed the bands name to Hivemind, which was a bit of a surprise for us here at Project Metal Music, but as they said when they done the announcement “Same band, different name”.

Well, overall, the night was great, as there was a good variety of music genres being played.

I would give this gig a 4.5 out of 5 for the good entertainment.

Project Metal Music

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