An Interview With… Burial Hill

Over the last few weeks Myself and Burial Hill have been talking via email, and we discussed doing an interview, but it had to go on the back burner for a while because they were doing a few things, ie traveling, doing a video shoot etc. When they emailed me to say they had some spare time and were sitting down to do the interview, I thought champion, as I was looking forward to it.

Burial Hill are Ben Giles and Fiona Taubrova, and they are from Plymouth, UK, and are an Alternative Rock/Metal band.

This is the video off the EP that they are releasing on the 28th of October 2016.

What was your first memories of music when you were young?

Ben: For me it would probably be listening to whatever my mum and dad played either in the kitchen or in the car, so we’re talking Dire Straits, Status Quo, Neil Diamond, stuff like that, plus general radio.

Fi: Listening to incredibly cheesy pop music with my friends in the garden. I’m a 90s child so I grew up with the Spice Girls, Bewitched, Steps and Billy Piper. We used to put up a tent in the garden on a sunny day and sing our favourite pop songs over and over again, we had plenty of dance routines as well!

What are your musical influences?

Ben: Placebo were the first band that made me want to make music myself, and since then I’ve soaked up as much as possible from that starting point like a sponge – everything from the Doors, the Ramones to Sonic Youth, the Pixies and Pumpkins, to heavier stuff like Type O, Deftones, and Amorphis. It’s always been an alternative undercurrent for me, so that’s a quick summary.

Fi: Definitely Evanescence as the main one for me, I have always loved the fusion of classical piano sounds with heavy rock.

If you had the chance who would you collaborate with?

Ben: I’d have to say someone realistic rather than something that ain’t gonna happen, so I’ll go with a band called Dead! from the UK as those guys have a great energy about them right now, and would definitely bring another angle. And Stefan Olsdal why not!

Fi: Yeah for the reason a band called Puppy would be cool, and as a pipedream Amy Lee please.

You are relatively new band. You were formed in 2015, what made you form Burial Hill?

Ben: Our first ever conversation was about music and we both brought clearly different angles on it which was really interesting, but they still crossed over. I had been working on solo stuff, and Fi was the same – so we wondered what we could come up with. I’m really glad we did.

Fi: Yeah it was basically a love for music and eagerness to share it with others, like we had with each other!

You have a single out called Dead Alive what is it about?

Ben: I won’t go into too much detail as we like people to be free to apply songs to their own lives, but loosely it’s about feeling at a really low point and yet that being part of life sometimes – kind of like getting caught in the rain – and while its bad, it reminds you of your own existence. Plus the end of the world and zombies…(laughs)

Fi: It’s definitely a song that can relate to a lot of people in a variety of ways, so I don’t want to spoil that too much either, but…an underlying feeling when writing the song was about feeling stuck in day to day life and wanting to push through that, to overcome a reoccurring situation.

Also, you have an EP out on the 28th of October, could you tell me and the readers what it is called and what to expect from the EP?

Ben: We’ve just self-titled it as it’s the introduction to the band for, well, everyone. The single is one side of the band, there’s definitely three other sides in the other three tracks, but we think they all fit well together too. So expect some reflection, some heavy, some sombre, and to be wanting more. They’re actually the only four songs we’ve written together, in the order they were written, and we’re really proud of that – I think it shows honesty, and confidence.

Fi: Yeah expect a good variety across only a few songs, we’re excited to show people a little bit more of what we can do!

What are your plans for the future with the EP? are you doing a tour? And if so where and when?

Ben: It’s funny, we’re just really excited, like people are when they’re waiting for something new from their favourite bands. We’re doing the same but for what we’ll write next. The plan is to work on more new material to release a second EP in the Spring/Summer next year, and then play some gigs off the back of that. It’d feel a bit weird playing four songs, or even a few covers to fill out a set, so you’ll all have to wait ‘til we can do it properly.

Fi: But we are keen to write more stuff and eventually play our stuff live, so keep an eye on us!

And finally, what advice would you give to people who are thinking about becoming a musician?

Ben: Just do it. I wanted to make music before I could play an instrument, and in many ways I think that’s a good way because it’s got that underlying punk mentality. Be free and do and see what happens – music should be about expression and loving it not being famous. We will always make music regardless of that. That’s why our EP is free or pay what you think it’s worth if you want to. Do what you like and feel is right, that’s life.

Fi: Definitely carpe diem, if you love it – just do it!

I would like to thank Burial Hill for taking time out to do this interview, it is very much appreciated, thanks guys.

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