Kickin Valentina with Enuff Z’Nuff & Tracii Guns in Marietta, GA – gig review

October 14, 2016 – Marietta, GA – 120 Tavern

Damn, did I have a ball Friday night. A one hour drive to the venue, but way worth the money.


Atlanta based Kickin Valentina started off the evening. They are Joe Edwards on vocals, Heber Pampillon on guitars, Chris Taylor on bass and Jimmy Berdine on drums. Founded in 2013, they won 2014 Rock Band of the Year at the GA Music Awards. I had heard the name before, but that was all I knew about this band.

They have a self titled EP out, which was released in 2013, and an album titled “Super Atomic”, which was released last year. They have opened for Queensryche, Doro and Skid Row to name just a few, and have toured Europe. The band is signed with Mighty Music and as I stated in my last post, Atlanta has a lot of very good hard rock bands to offer.

Upon seeing them as they took the stage, I had to think of Motley Crue and Jack Sparrow. I liked the attire. Then they started playing. Bam! Like a kick in the ass! Dirty, sleazy Rock n Roll just how I prefer it. No one really I can compare them too, maybe Little Caesar at the most (one of my favorite bands btw).

“On My Side” started the evening, followed by “Fist” and “Wrong Way”.

Next came “Turns Me On”, a new song . The lyrics were actually “shit turns me on” and it was a real balls kicking tune, followed by “Devil’s Hand” and the vocals would not have been better if sung by Mr. Axl Rose himself. What do y’all think?

Joe has a great voice that can vary and fits well with the band. You can see the passion this band brings for the music when Joe is boogieing away during the guitar solos.

The evening continued with “Alone’, a tad slower and honestly my least favorite song of the night and then “Some Kind of Sex”. Watch Joe rockin’ it out on the stage.

The next song, “Street”, was my favorite of the evening. The start reminded me a bit of Guns n Roses, then the Motley Crue feeling came up, but in the end this is Kickin Valentina at their best.

For the Elvis Presley cover of “Burning Love” the organizer of this gig himself, Mr. Scoley Coley, stepped up on stage.

The whole evening the songs just kept coming. No big pauses inbetween songs and to wrap the evening up “Get Ready” got the crowd involved. This band is on the way of becoming big. They already are. The hype hasn’t made them forget their fans, they are very approachable and they rocked the house. A definite must see if they come to your town. I know I am already looking forward to seeing them again (and this time I will be sure to bring cash to get a t-shirt). I suggest buying the CDs, it is worth it.

Meanwhile you can check them out on Facebook or Twitter @kickinvalentina as well as their homepage or Reverbnation


Next up were Enuff Z’Nuff. I knew the name from the 90’s but I guess bands like this, LA Guns and Faster Pussycat were just underexposed due to the Guns n Roses hype of the time (paradox, since these bands helped form GnR). Nevertheless I was excited, even though I never heard many of their songs.

The modern day Enuff Z’Nuff consists of Chip Z’Nuff still plucking the bass and taking over vocals, Tory Stoffregen and Tony Fennell (ex-Ultravox) on guitars and the nephew of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons on drums (sorry, didn’t get the name).

After “Kiss the Clown”, Chip mentioned they would be focusing on the 90’s and the first three albums which would be “Enuff Z’Nuff”, “Alone” and “Animals With Human Intelligence”. Then a few cocaine jokes and they played “Heaven or Hell”.

A few more cocaine jokes (Chip was obsessed with cocaine this evening but it totally cracked me up), then came “Right By Your Side” from the 3rd album. I went outside for a smoke and came back to this:

Chip continued to joke around and of course more cocaine remarks, he also wasn’t shy of letting the audience know how he fucked Madonna back in the days (interesting fact) after which the band continued with “Fly High Michelle”.

As the venue started becoming fuller a fight broke out, but the person was quickly and professionally escorted outside by local security. Enuff Z’Nuff completed their set with “New Thing”, a song that was on the MTV charts for 52 weeks per Chris (actually it was 67 weeks back in ’89).

I was able to hang out with the band later (two of them bumming a cigarette off of me, lol) and getting a selfie with Chip. These guys are super friendly and as I was telling Chip, I am going to go out and buy their albums cause they really rock. Glad they are still around and I had a chance to see (and meet) them. The drummer even took the time of explaining drum playing technique to me (I always wondered how these guys don’t have big arms the way they hammer the beats for an hour or more).

For the younger generation that does not know this band, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter @enuffznuff or on their homepage


The main act of the night, Tracii Guns (former L.A. Guns & Guns n Roses) was finally up. He brought along Michael O’Mara on vocals, Shane Fitzgibbon on drums and Johnny Martin on bass. They kicked it into high gear and I had the time of my life. Not much more I can  say as I was rockin’ (and drinking, sorry), so see for yourself:

God damn, they were rocking the stage! As this next song started, I was wishing for a mosh pit.

A stage helper had to bring Tracii a new guitar. Guess he killed the other one (no wonder).

A great performance! Most curious thing was the bass player drinking tobasco the whole time. Guess he wanted to make sure he was on fire, lol.

It was one of the best gigs I have ever seen. The band was into it with such enthusiasm and this jumped over to the audience. Unfortunately Tracii and Shane were a bit shy to meet their fans afterwards, which was very dissappointing.

You can find Tracii Guns on Facebook and Twitter @traciiguns


Kick ass concert with kick ass bands. Well worth the money and a big thank you to Scoley Coley for bringing these bands to the 120 Tavern. I had such a great night, I was sad it had to end.

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