New Mantra – The CD

So around two weeks ago I saw New Mantra live and was able to pick up their CD. Yesterday, I finally had a chance to listen in. Mind blowing! The End!

Just kidding. This CD is worth more words than that. Here the rundown:

The first song “Feel the Fire”  starts out with a real funky groove. What almost sounds like a keyboard is actually a very cool synthesizer, that the band is trying to integrate more of. Great idea! A very strong start for the CD, this song has all the potential of what New Mantra is made of. Hungry for more. Funk Rock at it’s best!

The second song “Stay” slows down a bit, but hard enough still. Again some synthi elements in the background. Justin’s voice, very powerful as always . Nicely played tremolo guitar and overall a good foot stomping beat. Background vocals are very professional and harmonious.

Third song is “Stone Cold Love”. There is the funky guitar again. Wah wah. This song gets your head bobbing and feet stomping. Everything fits, vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

“I’d Be Lying” is fourth. Heavy on the bass this song is. Heavy on guitars too. Like the previous songs you can’t stop tapping your foot. A very nice groove. The background vocals fit perfect.

The song “World On Fire” begins with a guitar that slightly reminds me of Slayer (just a tad though), then goes to the funk rock groove this CD has been producing the whole time. All instruments fit with Justin’s vocals in perfect harmony. Some heavy guitars on this track.

“Struggles” is the ballad of the album. Acoustic guitar and Justin’s vocals start the song off before bass and drums set in. It has a jazzy sound and the band brings this across very professional, just like everything else they play. A bit of keyboards and the bodega bar scenery is perfect. Where is the Pina Colada?

Back to harder stuff, “Weight of the World” gets you back to foot stomping and a bit of headbanging. This gets us back to the heavy start of the CD. Great guitars, bass and drums make for a heavy sound.

“Lost” starts with Zak on the drums. Again foot stomping. Damn, I don’t know what else to write, every song so far is great. Danceable, headbang-able, foot stomp-able, funky, rhythmic and just overall enjoyable. Very, very heavy, bang your head on the table hard.

The last song “Funk Jester Johnny Sauce” starts with a guitar sound slowly getting louder before the rest of the instruments set in. When Justin brings in his strong vocals the mix is perfect (again). This song has a short solo guitar interlude and finishes the CD in a perfect manner, leaving the listener wanting more.

Mind you, these are no cover versions, these are all self composed songs. For a band this young, even though they started at a young age, this is one perfect piece of rock music. This is more than worthy to be played on radio, this should be in every rock listeners’ CD shelf. Seldom have I heard a band that is this good. If you have a chance to see them and they offer the CD, buy it! It is one of those CDs you will listen to again and again, it’s that good.

I rarely do this, but this one gets a 5 of 5 from me, that’s how good it is.

4 thoughts on “New Mantra – The CD

  1. It’s been in my cd player for months. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them evolve to where they are now which is a band with the talent and quality that every rock listener can enjoy and appreciate and realize New Mantra is worthy of national recognition

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  2. We love this band!!! We are flat out hooked on NEW MANTRA!! …and pumped to be spreading the word about their all around talent and superb compositions. The production fellow Steve Taylor must also be commended for Justin’s voice is featured extremely well and deservedly so. Please people out there, support this young bunch of super God Given talent! The covers that NEW MANTRA perform are awesome but personally we feel their originals could grab anybody’s attention. Thanks so much for giving them proper notice!

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