Voltumna: Disciplina Etrusca Album Review

When Demy from Pulvis Et Umbra put me in contact with Voltumna, I was like OK lets have a listen, as Voltumna had emailed me with some links, and we got on talking via email, so Disciplina Etrusca is their latest album and they are in the recording studio doing another album DODECAPOLI.

Voltumna are a Black and Death Metal band from Italy.

I have listened to this album on YouTube, the video of the album is below.

Over the course of a few days, I have listened to the album a few times, and I have enjoyed it immensely. The first track is Roma Delenda Est, and this song is pretty good as this meshes together some impressive musicianship from the band  and sets the up the rest of the album superbly. Prophecy Of One Thousand Years and Disciplina Etrusca have impressed me enough with the vocals, guitars and drums to add this on the Project Metal Music list of Liked videos.

The Alchemist and Bellerofonte (instrumental) have some superb guitars on these with tremendous drums, you should check these tracks out.

Bringer Of Light, is a track that has some cool vocals, grinding guitars, and thunderous drums. Tages, Born From The Earth follows on in the same vain as Bringer Of Light and is a pretty sweet track. At the end of the track there is some reverb on the guitar through the amps.

On Carnal Genesis and Measure The Divine on there is some orchestral instrumentation these tracks which makes them have a much fuller, richer sound. it also has some really sweet heavy guitars on these songs that also these tracks gravitas.

As Teofagia is the 3rd to last song, by this stage of the album, the album is getting better as it goes on, this has a Speed Metal vibe to it, and it is a perfect accompaniment to the overall of the Black Metal sound of the song

Black Metal (Venom Cover), well what can I say about this track, but Excellent choice, enough said. Tirreno, this track has some sweet soaring guitars and really good double bass drums on this song.

Well I am glad that Voltumna got in touch with me, this album is brilliant. I am also glad that I have gotten back into Black and Death Metal in the last 10 years, as there is some really brilliant bands out there who are making good Death and Black Metal, and Voltumna is one of those bands.

I would highly recommend anyone who is into Death Metal to go and check this band out as they are good.

I would give this band 4.5 out of 5. Got to see these guys live.

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