An Interview With… Pulvis et Umbra


When I asked on the Project Metal Music Facebook group page, last week, for a band to listen to, Robert (the US branch of PMM), he recommended Pulvis Et Umbra, an Italian Death Metal band. So I checked them out on YouTube, and I watched a couple of their videos, and I came to the conclusion that these are pretty good. I got onto talking to Damy Mojitodka of Pulvis Et Umbra to see if they have anymore material that I could listen to online I could do a review, and they said that they are working on some new material, for release next year. So this was when an Interview came up as I had a lot of questions to ask, and Demy said send an email with the questions, and we’ll answer them.

So here it is:

What was your first band when you started out in 2008?

I entered the music business in 2008 but my band was formed before that time. First bands that I played was PHONEUTRIA (death metal)in 2001/2002 with some schoolmates and friends.

How many bands have you been in?

Just a couple of ones, kus then I was focus on run my own band.

How many instruments do you play?

Actually guitar, bass guitar, few drums and violins, vocals .. Oh and the car horn ahahah.

Who is your musical influences?

Good question… I mean, each genre could give you inspiration.. I listen to bands like Genesis as well as Theory In Practice and go from Celtic Music to Black Metal but indeed Metallica “entered” me into the world of rock/metal music.

Who would you like to collaborate with, If you had a chance to play with your favourite band/group/artist?

I would say “all” Because answering now with a bunch of names, will mean that I’ll get back to you on a weekly basis in order to modify the answer ahahah.

The album that you are working on, have you given it a title?

Yes, the new album is titled ATMOSFEAR (a mixture of Atmosphere and Fear) which is dedicated to some friends of ours, who manage an UkranianĀ  webzine with that name.

Have you brought out any material prior to this album?

Yes, there are a couple of new full songs on YouTube (“Atmosfear” and “crows Belong To Her”), plus a new track preview on (song is”Predominio Tecnologico”)

When the new album is out, are you going to do a tour? And if so, where?

Yes !! Our goal is to actually look at some agency to work with in order to promote the new album with a tour (surely it will be awesome to play in Russia and Japan again, but we also look forward to play the US, and hopefully some festivals – UK included). We’ll see.

And finally. What advice would you give to musicians that are starting out?

If you want to run a band, ask yourself first, Do I really want to do this? Second, focus on finding people or session musicians who share the same interest/passion. Thirdly trust only promoters who guarantee you really support and agree in a personal meeting, invest money in your music and booking agency, but not a record label. Don’t expect results and feedback to come early, its a long path to rock n roll but it’s worth it.

Thank you to Pulvis Et Umbra for taking time out to do this interview, it is very much appreciated.

Project Metal Music

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