Filthy Rebel with The Barrel House Band & Cinematic in Duluth, GA – gig review

October 1, 2016 – Duluth, GA – Sweetwater Bar and Grill

You may remember in August I saw a band named Filthy Rebel, that I liked so much, I swore to see them again. Well I did last night. And again, they brought it.

Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Duluth has a thing for local bands. This evening there were four bands scheduled, unfortunately one of them cancelled last minute due to illness. So the evening started on a more acoustic tone. Reminded me of Kurt Cobain unplugged and I especially loved the Tenacious D song (those guys rock, don’t they?).

After this, the evening finally started with The Barrel House Band. Not the Wyoming Barrel House Band, this one is from Atlanta. A more southern rock styled music, they played 8 songs and I really had the impression the drummer totally enjoys his job. Keep your eye on him:

Now it was time for Filthy Rebel, the reason I even went to this event, and my main focus in this review. As the name of the band implies, I call their music dirty rock ‘n’ roll. They call it mutt rock. The band consists of Jeff Dean on vocals, Chris Nichols on guitar, Johnny Drogo on bass and Gabriel Michael on drums. They have been around since 2014 and know the true meaning of rock and roll.

They started out with “Get Some”:

followed by “Escape From the Fight” and “We Don’t Belong” (one of my favorites):

They continued with “Never Again”, their song about breaking up, followed by a new song, “I’m To Blame”, a power ballad that really rocked. Next was “Try” and then “Sail”:

Continuing to kick ass with “So Over You” followed by another ballad, “You”, they closed the set with what I found was the heaviest song of the evening, “What You Made of Me”. These guys rock and I will continue going to the gigs when I get the chance. Seriously Atlanta, if you like heavy rock with soul you need to see these guys. I mean it.

Last band was Cinematic which are a pop/rock formation from Cumming, GA. Some of the songs reminded me of The Birthday Massacre, the instruments were definitely straight forward. A little hip hop influence was not to my liking but listen and make your own opinion:

You can find The Barrel House Band on Facebook and Reverbnation as well as their homepage

Filthy Rebel is on Facebook Reverbnation Twitter @FilthyRebelBand and their homepage You can buy their new EP here

Cinematic can be found on Facebook Instagram Twitter @cinematicatl and as well as their homepage

I would also like to encourage anyone visiting events of their local bands to buy the merchandise, this is the best way to support your local artists. They are here to entertain you only for the purpose of, it’s what they do and they do not earn a lot doing so. So show some appreciation.

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