Eminent Kaos: Atlanta, GA gig review

September 17, 2016 – Atlanta, GA – The Vinyl

As the North American arm of Project Metal Music, I am always glad to find local bands in Atlanta, that I can actually see perform on a stage. And boy, did I find one!

Eminent Kaos formed less than half a year ago and have been playing in the current line up of Mike Beasley on vocals, Damien Crux and Mike Marks on guitars, Stephen O’Mallie on drums and Steve Platnick on bass for about 6 weeks. And I cannot remember the last time I have seen a band play so well together. In the words of Mike Marks “It just clicked”.

The set started with “Beast”, they immediately rocked the stage! Take a listen (sorry Steve, my finger was in the way):

“Madness” followed. If you are into Black Sabbath, my God this song must have been my favorite of the evening. The guitars and bass and drums were smooth and Mike’s vocals could have only been surpassed by Ozzy himself. Absolutely loved it!

After “Absolution” some drumsticks were flying around and then came “No Sacrifice”, the only song I knew of this band before the gig.

The evening wrapped up with “Little Anger”, “Nothing Lasts” and “Sin” followed by a guitar set from Damien and Mike, which in my opinion the band should expand a bit as these musicians really understand their craft.

All in all it was well worth the money and the trip and I will continue to follow these guys in their progress, I am sure there are many good things to come. Check them out at:


And also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 5 out of 5 easily.


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