GHOSTBLOOD: Blood From Beyond The Grave Album Review

About a week ago, PMM followed GHOSTBLOOD on Twitter and within a day or so they email us here at Project Metal Music about what we do etc, we told them what we did and we got on talking via email and we said to them do you want us to do a review of your album, and they said Yes please do, and they very kindly sent over the album.

GHOSTBLOOD are a band from Seattle, Washington, and they are a Thrash/Death Metal and they have an Album called Blood From Beyond The Grave, and I have listened to the album a few times now and from what I know of the album its pretty damn good.

Blood From Beyond The Grave is the first track and title song off the album and is the intro to it, plus it sets up the rest of the album. Dungeon Ripper is the next song, and its really good in your face Thrash/Death Metal.

Red Snow is the next track which is pretty brutal for the guitars and the drums are good, and coupled with the singing, the overall sound is really good and this is going onto my personal playlist. Cleaver Fever is up next, and this is another stand out track that has the same intensity of Red Snow.

If you like the drums to be pounding, and the guitars heavy as hell, then Bloodstormer is your song, as it is fast and furious. Haunting The Swamp is more of a Thrash metal song with a hint of Death metal in the vocals, and it is going onto my playlist.

Beast Of The Darkest Woods this 2:47 song is a good Death Metal track and you should listen to this for a good headbang. Recapitator follows in the same vain as the previous song but more of a Speed Metal vibe to it as the drums are keeping a fast beat, and is a very good song to listen to.

Disasteroid is decent enough song, but I’m not to sure about it and I’ll have to listen to this song a few more times to get a full picture of the song. Open The Grave is a song that harks back to the 1990’s death metal which is a good period for the emerging bands of the genre and the song is a really good.

Smash And Burn has go some good dirty sounding guitars at the beginning of the track and carries through the song and the drums are sweet as hell on it as well. Through out the album the singer has been brilliant with his vocals. The only song that let the album down for me anyway Disasteroid, but overall the album was brilliant.

I would give GHOSTBLOOD’s album Blood From Beyond The Grave a 4.5 out of 5 as it is good, and I highly recommend this to everyone.

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