The Suspect Device Gig Review

Ever since I heard of The Suspect Device a good few months back, I wanted to go see them, and I did back in June of this year at The Wheatsheaf, Roker, Sunderland, just to see what they were like, and what I saw and heard there, sparked my interest in the band. Last week when I heard that The Suspect Device were playing at my local bar, I thought Hell Yes, I am going to see them again.

When I got to The Guide Post, the band was setting up their gear and doing a soundcheck, I know the boozer pretty well as I have seen a lot of bands in there over the last 3 years and the acoustics can be very tricky, if you just starting out, But The Suspect Device knew what they were doing and adjusted their sound accordingly.

As the time came to do their first part of a  2 and 1/2 show, I looked around and there were some new faces in the crowd and some of the regulars, and the band started off with the Sex Pistols’ Pretty Vacant, which went very well with most of the crowd as they remember when that song came out. the went straight into Teenage Kicks by The Undertones, as the set went on they to do the Anti Nowhere League’s I Hate People

They were doing some really good tracks from the Punk era of the late 70’s and early 80s as they pressed on they did The Adverts’ Gary Gilmore’s Eyes, They also did the song Homicide. Then they went on to do Killing Joke’s War Dance, and I was praying that the didn’t mess it up as Killing Joke is one of my favourite post punk bands of the 80’s and over the years I have seen them 3 times, and they didn’t mess the song up, they actually did it justice.

What really shocked me, at the gig tonight was that they actually did a Monkees song Stepping Stone which was done in the Punk style, which made the song really good if not better than the original. The last song of this half of the set was White Riot by The Clash.

The band took a short break to get their breathe back.

After they came back on stage, they started off the second half of the show with the The Damned’s New Rose, as they carried on with the show. there was this girl of 20 – 21 came in with her boyfriend and they got themselves some drinks, and I and most of the punters thought nothing of it, as it being a boozer, but when the girl started to street dance to punk, TO PUNK, I was thinking, why, thats when she got in front of the stage and band and really started to dance it is a wonder that the band kept a collective straight face on the whole, and I was watching the band doing Elvis Is dead done originally by Peter And The Test Tube Babies, the girl was all over the place. By the time when the band were doing the song Police Oppression and the Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated, she  was on one of the tables, doing whatever she was doing, and the guitarist nodded towards her and the bassist looked and he was trying really hard not to laugh but failed, when one of the managers came in from collecting glasses from the beer garden he had to tell her to get off the table, and luckily she did.

When the started playing the Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK, the girl was getting booted out as she brought in her own drink.

As they were coming to the end of the gig they did three songs California, a Stiff Little Fingers song and the encore So What by the Anti Nowhere League. When  the band finished and thanked the crowd for coming to see them the crowd where cheering, clapping and shouting for more.

During the gig, several of the regulars came up to me and said that The Suspect Device are good, REALLY good, of those came to me aren’t really into Rock or into other genres of Rock such as Prog or hard rock, not punk, clearly The Suspect Device has certainly made a good impression on the crowd, more so, as the manager of The Guide Post are getting them back in, in the near future probably in the the new year.

I can’t wait to see these guys again as they were brilliant and the drummer, well what I can I say about him, apart from being bonkers (in a good way) when he plays he is so in the zone its unreal, he reminds me of Keith Moon of The Who, The guitarist is brilliant, and the bassist/singer was top notch

I would give this band a 5 out of 5 as they were down to earth approachable people

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