PWFV And Nodvana: Gig Review

Ever since I started to follow PussyWillowFurryVenus back at the start of the year, I have seen them improve, from first hearing them on ReverbNation to seeing them live for the first time in March, with Waste Of Space in support and live pretty much every month since then.

When I went to see Nodvana the other week, all I knew about the band at the time was that they were a Nirvana tribute band. As they start the show, I was wondering why the drummer from PWFV was getting behind the drum kit  thats when I realised that he was part of the band and why PWFV band members were there to give him their support.

As I got there early (as usual) I seen a couple of people I know and got on chatted with them and briefly spoke to PWFV. As I was waiting for the Nodvana to start the background music that they were playing really set up the gig perfectly as they were play Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin Placebo etc, this is when Nodvana were setting up and doing a quick sound check, and I was wondering how the drummer does it, not only he is in Nodvana but he is in PussyWillowFurryVenus, and I was trying to work out how he remembers the Nirvana songs and the PWFV one as well.


As Nodvana started off the proceedings of the night, they were as good, if not better than the last time I saw, as they had obviously practiced more in the intervening few weeks. When they started to do their set I was thinking why I was drawn to this band and thats when I realized that they are very talented musicians.

The lead singer was wearing Cobain’s trade mark sunglasses when they started off and by the second track he took them off. Over the proceedings, they had a few minor technical difficulties with one of the monitors, but they managed to get it sorted via the mixing desk, but that is live music for you. that is nothing, when I saw Lacuna Coil in Birmingham back in 2011 the support band started off their set and 5 mins into it they blow all the valves in the cabinet and they had to stop to change them over, and it took 10 minutes to do.

As they were approach the end of their set the singer/guitarist snapped a string and had to change it quickly and when he was changed he had a bit of a banter with the drummer and bassist saying that the bassist should be doing a bass solo cos you haven’t done it in a while and the bassist was saying no no I’m not doing it, thats when the drummer just started doing one, when the guitarist just finished replacing the string and so they carried on. As they finished their set the crowd clapped and cheered appreciatively and Nodvana broke down their gear for PWFV to set their gear up.


As Nodvana came off stage people who smoked went outside to have a cigarette or went to the bar to get the drinks in, and PWFV were setting up for their set, and after a while people were coming back in to see the Pussy’s.

Ever since I first heard of the Pussy’s back at the beginning of the year, I tried to get to every Sunderland gig they do, and this giig will be my 5th time seeing them since March. So each time that I have seen them the fans are increasing each time I go to one of their gigs.

As they started off their set, they did songs from their album The Slag That Fell To Earth (which you can get from their bandcamp page), they did songs like Liar, Cold, Mighty Aphrodite, and my personal favourite Sticky Vicky which they rock hard at this gig.

Over the span of their set they also had problems with the monitors as they were having difficulties in hearing what they were playing, and luckily they managed to sort something out with the mixing desk.

As they were nearly finished they announced that they were playing a new song (which I didn’t quite hear the title) and from what I have heard of it, its pretty impressive.

Well each time I see PWFV they are getting better, and I will go and see them as much as possible, and its the same with Nodvana as they were brilliant as well.

If you ever get the chance to go and see these bands, go see them, you’ll not be disappointed.

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