Gottweist: Future Is In Our Hands Album Review

About a week ago I was checking the Project Metal Music’s Twitter account and Gottweist came up and started to following PMM, so I thought nothing of it as I was going to check them out over this weekend. When I checked PMM’s emails, Collective Wave Records sent me an email, with links, asking if I was interested in doing a review of Gottweist’s album Future Is In Our Hands, so here PMM is.

As I went onto Gottweist Bandcamp page to have good listen to their album Future Is In Our Hands, I was pleasantly surprised at what I heard.

The first track on the album is Wasteland is a really good up tempo track and is a good opener for the album. Distant days Buried is the next track and has a slightly different tempo to Wasteland but still a decent track.

Bring Me Tonight has that Iron Maiden-esque feel to the guitars which really works for the Gottweist on this track. Blindfolded is a track that follows on from Bring Me The Night with the guitars, and Blindfolded is a stand out track for me as the guitars are brilliant.

Fade Away is the next track and as I have been listening to this album, I can hear an distinct influence of Iron Maiden, especially on the guitars. Hunters Of Souls might start off slow, then bang it goes into some pretty good classic heavy metal of the 1980’s.

Believe, Its Over, this is another track that is a stand out, as it has double kick drums and pinched harmonics and good singing harmonies. Under Oath is the eighth track and this has that ballad feel to the song, but it has some death growls to the song.

I Got To Go, has that speed metal vibe going on and has that appeal to be a firm favourite for the Speed/Heavy metal fans alike. 1000 Miles, is a song that is one of my favourites as it has the epic feel to the music and lyrics, and it takes you on a journey.

Life Version Drama, has that metal core feel in the style of Bring Me The Horizon etc, and this song pretty good as it is written and performed by the band. Starting To Loose is the last track off the album, and this a lot more heavier than the previous tracks on the album and its another stand out track that everyone should check out.

Gottweist has made one hell of a album if you haven’t heard of this band before go check the out on their bandcamp page here, you’ll not be disappointed.

I would give Gottweist a 4 out of 5 for a well polished album

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