Awakening Hyperia: Music Review

Over the weekend I was just checking the Project Metal Music Twitter account and I was mentioned in a tweet, and it said to check out Awakening Hyperia, so I did, and I followed them. As I did so they messaged me and got on talking. They said that they only got a single out called Breathe.

Awakening Hyperia are a band from the the South West of England city of Bristol. The band consists of 4 lads, who are between 16 to 18, and from what I have heard from the single Breathe I can see they are going places.

Overall, for someone this age, they are really good as they very technical and they pull out some pretty nifty riffs and shredding and the drumming on Breathe is sublime. On the whole the band gel and work together very well and if they keep up this standard of musicianship up they will go places.

As you can see from the video above, Awakening Hyperia are are a Metalcore band, and they are something different from the usual Metalcore bands, as they are trying to be more, and I don’t know what it is, but they are succeeding at what they are doing in this video.

I will be following this band closely to see where they go next.

In September they will be releasing a 5 track E.P.

Project Metal Music

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