Eschaton – Technical death from New England

The Facebook page description reads, Eschaton is an apocalyptic technical death metal band on Unique Leader Records that blends speed with brutality in an orchestrated and dynamic storm. The band stems from the CT/MA area and have released a self produced EP as well as an album so far and boy, are they heavy. Influenced by bands such as Carnifex and Black Dahlia these guys are for the hardcore fans out there.

The band consists of Jason Viteri on vocals, Josh and Jared Berry on guitars, Pat Pattison on bass and Darren Cesca on drums and are signed on the Unique Leader Records Label. And unique they are, here some highlights:

Obligatory Conviction – Instrumental with guest solo by Ryan Knight, formerly of Black Dahlia. Damn these drums! I would have to be on speed to do that. Darren is a fucking drum God. Basic metal – drums, guitar, bass that should even groove metal heads that are NOT into this genre, but see/hear for yourself.

The Beast is Awakened – A song about mankind, I think the video speaks for itself. The changing tempi in the song do not leave you getting bored, slower riffs followed by thrashing beats changing to a different chord, these guys are very synch with each other and know how to abuse those instruments (in a good way). Jason’s vocals range in pitch proving he can do the genre all honors. Take a look.

Immortal Mutilation – This was the first song I heard of this band after Josh sent me the link and damn it kicks ass! This is technical death at its best. Makes me wanna break stuff, be in that mosh pit, turn it up. This is the kind of music that will drive your parents, your girlfriend or your neighbors crazy and that’s how we like it. Am I right?

For fans into the harder metal genres this band is a definite yes, you need to listen to them. To keep up with them you can follow them on Facebook at



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