The Guide Post: Macmillan Cancer Support Gig

When I heard that The Guide Post pub in Ryhope, Sunderland, UK, were doing a charity event for the Macmillan Nurses (Cancer Support Charity) a few month back, I was thinking I could support this as I have had family members die of cancer. When the event was coming up, I got on talking to the managers of The Guide Post and they said that they were putting of a variety of events across the 30th of July such as Tank Rides, Face Painting, getting to meet Batman and Anna from Frozen etc, plus they put on 7 music acts on across 6 hours.


I got to the place for 12 noon, and I managed to listen to some of the sound check of some of the singers, the first one that was up was a guy called AJ73 he sung and played the acoustic guitar, and he did covers of such bands Steve Miller Band, The Rembrandts, Nik Kershaw, The Monkeys, etc, but when he said that he was going to do a song that it was going to be a song that he had written by him, which when he played it that the song was pretty damn good, when it was time to rap his set up he played the King of the Swingers off Disney’s The Jungle Book, and some of the crowd were joining in singing. When he finished I was thinking damn this guy is good and he must been doing this for a while as he was at ease up on the stage as he was interacting the crowd like he was doing it for years.

Second Act

The second act was a duo, a lad and lass, the lad was playing the acoustic guitar while the lass sang. I didn’t really quite catch their names, as I was inside getting a drink. When they started to play their set, I didn’t know what they were going to play, and when I came came out side they were playing Valerie by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, I have never been overly keen on Amy Winehouse, but these did this song better than Winehouse as the lass held the tune better.

Over the course of their set they did covers of Katy Perry, Dolly Parton, No Doubt Johnny Cash, Kylie Minogue just to name but a few, and their choice of songs might not be to everyone’s cup tea, but when it comes down to it, they were really good musicians.

Lynch Mob

Now this duo are guitarists and singers and they have the Irish Folk vibe to there music, which I like as I am part Irish myself. When they started to play, they started with The Waterboys, and then went on to Maginus Flint, now I haven’t heard of this guy before, but the song they choose was pretty good as it got you tapping your foot to the music. They also did covers of Thin Lizzy’s Whiskey in the Jar, Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road and others and they finish off with Rod Stewart’s Maggie May. When they were nearly finished they got the bloke who got the artists together for the gig up on stage he started to play the electric guitar and did some backing vocals with them.

As I was going between the Beer Garden and Bar to get drinks etc, I was in the bar at the time when Batman and Anna from Frozen turned up and the Kids who were there were getting excited, and they were getting their photos taken with them.

Fourth Act

From what I heard of the guy, he is pretty decent, the songs that he did was pretty varied going from Bruce Springstein to Men At Work. The crowd form what I saw responding to him in a good way and seemed to enjoying his set.

Fifth Act

I didn’t catch much of this guy, but I did catch 2 songs by this guy and he did them justice.

I didn’t stay to the end of the gig, as I had to leave to get back home to get some food etc to get back out again to get to another gig in Sunderland.

When I was in The Guide Post on Monday, I was talking to the Managers who organized the event. I asked them how much they have raised, they said to me that they didn’t know, as they are still getting in donations from people. Plus they told me that the Keith, one of the managers is going to do The Great North Run this September, and he is doing it to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support. They also said that on the day, they put on a raffle and a BBQ, the money they raised was over £500. I will let you know what the final total when they get the figure.

The day might have serious theme to it, but it there was a lot of fun especially for the kids when they getting their faces painted and when Batman turned up.

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