Nodvana: Gig Review

A couple of weeks ago, Dean James of Dean James & The Black Dogs posted a gig on Facebook, I thought I could go to that gig as I like Nirvana. so I pressed the Interested button, so I over the intervening days, I forgot that it was on as I was so busy, the Thursday of last week, I was talking to Dean about another gig, and he reminded my about Nodvana, so I thought “Oh yeah I forgot about this gig” so I said yeah I’m going to it.

So when the day came, I went down to The Borough in Sunderland City center. when I got to the place, there was a band called Tomorrows News setting up downstairs in the main bar and Nodvana setting upstairs, as I was waiting for the doors to open for the Nodvana gig I listened to the sound check to Tomorrows News and from that, I thought that this band is pretty cool.

As the time came I went upstairs for the start of Nodvana first half of their gig. When they came to start, the guitarist/singer and bassist picked up their instruments and the drummer sat down behind his drum kit, I was like “That’s the drummer from PussyWillowFurryVenus”. As they started the first song, I could tell that Nodvana were going to be good and by the third song I was right that these were damn good. When they did the third song, I noticed that the drummer was doing the backing vocals for the band. Now that is not unheard of that the drummer does either the backing vocals or even sings, but it happen, and I was very impressed by the drummer anyway and I was more impressed with him on Saturday night.

As the band was playing I had a quick look around and there must of been at least 25 in watching the band, and they were singing along to the songs that they were playing, and the band was loving that the crowd joining in with the singing.

By the fifth song I did see some more people coming in to see Nodvana, by this time the guitarist/singer was shedding blood from his fingers from playing his guitar, as the got to the end of the song someone came up and gave the guitarist a plaster to try and stop the blood.

As they carried on I have been a big fan of drummers and their importance within a band, Slayer Dude (as he is called in PWFV) is becoming a firm favourite of mine, just behind Dave Grohl and Nicko McBrain.

As the end of the first half of the gig was coming to a close, the place was jumping, because of the song they played. As the interval came I went outside to get some air, as it was hot in the venue. As I was outside I managed to catch some of Tomorrows News set and from what I heard I need to see these guys properly to really see what they are like.

When it was time for the second half of the gig, I went in slightly early and the band was sorting out stuff for the second half. As I was standing at the bar I was jotting down some notes (usually I do anyway), I was thinking the first half was brilliant, so what were they going to bring to the second half and I just hoped that it was going to be as good or even better than the first half.

As people were coming back in for the second half, after the break, the band started up again. Slayer Dude’s band mates from PWFV were there to show support and were singing and dancing to the first track, and even Nodvana’s bassist was getting into it. There were some people at the gig was taking photos and videos of the band. As the gig went on, I was thinking that the band knocked it up a gear as they were even better in this part of the gig.

Nodvana done some songs from the BBC Sessions. Before, during and after each song they did they were having some banter with the crowd and they were loving it, and this is what you want in a band, you want a band that you can have laugh and a joke with, and Nodvana had that ease with the crowd where they could do that.

They did some tracks from all the albums that Nirvana did, and the crowd was loving every second of it and were responding to the band by singing along to the songs even more, and after each song, they cheered applaud even louder than before.

When the singer, between songs, was telling the crowd that were only got together two months back, I was thinking – at the time – Nodvana are a pretty tight band and they have only been in existence for only two months. OK granted they might of had some minor slip ups, but DAMN they are good. As you can imagine playing an hour and a half under hot lights and venue it takes it out of you, so they took a little breather, and then got back to the songs, one of the songs that they played was so fast and heavy that I thought its was a Thrash/Speed Metal track, as they played this song I glanced over to Slayer Dude, and I was like OMFG this guy, he was like a whirlwind, a blur, he was giving the drums a damn good thrashing, it is a wonder that he didn’t break them.

Well there was only couple of songs left to do of the gig, and I was wondering when they were going to do Smells Like Teen Spirit and it was their penultimate song  and it is such an iconic track they did it pretty much spot on, but there was a few minor slip ups, but what do you expect it was a live setting, and there was bound to be some slip ups.

As the last song came about and everyone went bonkers, everyone was jumping about and I thought that the floor was going to give way, so when they finished the song, the crowd shouted for more, so they did School for an encore and the people there very appreciative and sang along, danced and cheered when they ended the track.

Well they were better much better than I was expecting.

I will try and get to see them again, hopefully next month, so watch this space.

I would definitely give this band 5 out of 5 as they were very entertaining and intense.

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