Melia Maccarone – Skeletal Remains EP

Skeletal Remains is the second EP released by Melia, a New Yorker indie rock guitarist, who has played with such big names as Asia, Lacuna Coil and Steve Vai, just to name a few. This very talented young lady has received the Indie Music Channel Award for Best Female Rock Artist three times.

She began playing with 16 and has been very disciplined in fine tuning her talent. Melia was kind enough to provide Project Metal Music with a copy of the EP, so lets listen to what we got.

The EP consist of 4 songs and comes with a very cool cover in my opinion. It radiates a sense of tranquility.

The intro of the first song, Charge Like a Bull, reminds me of Steve Vai. A good paced song with a steady beat. Tapping my foot to the beat, it’s good. Drums and guitar play along well together and Melia’s vocals compliment the song very good. The rockiest song on the EP

VIP starts a bit slower, but once the instruments set in these set the beat. Between the electric and the more acoustic guitar playing segments (you know, the wah wah effect), this song would fit in good with the ole rock ‘n’ roll days era. All in all not a bad mix of tempi, vocals and styles but my least favorite song on the EP to be honest.

The third song, Sleeping Beauty, starts with a short guitar melody before the rest of the instruments kick in. A slower paced rock song like the one before. I would sort it in with Green Day and Weezer , which is kind of funny as Melia’s guitar passion was inspired after a Green Day concert in her youth (and yes, she has been on stage with them also). Again pure hearted rock with a steady beat and I am bobbing my head.

The last song, Bats Beneath Moonlight, and my absolute favorite on the EP, is another song that reminds me of Green Day. Do I hear a synthi or a violine in the background? Melia’s vocals are a very nice compliment to the music. Hard and emotional, I would call it a power ballad. Ah, there are the Skeletal Remains. Yes, this song is the best one off the EP. I love the tempo, the guitar solo and the emotion this song carries over to the listener.

Summary: Melia should be on all local radio stations. A very talented guitar player and a unique voice. Time she brings a full length album out. You can catch her with Lita Ford in October in New York.


From me this EP gets a 4 out of 5


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