Dean James & The Black Dogs: Gig Review

When I was looking on Facebook, to keep up to date the Project Metal Music page, Dean James posted on his Facebook page early last week (I think), that he had a gig on the 31st of July at the Dun Cow pub in Sunderland, So when I talked him last Thursday, I asked about it saying, is it the Dun Cow up by the Empire Theatre (as there is a few pubs of the same name), he said that’s the one. So I said I was going to come down to see the gig.

The venue, Dun Cow, is an old building in the City center of Sunderland. Over the years I have been past it, but I never been in, not up until Sunday night. My brother gave me lift into the city center, and before I went in he said to me, When you go in look behind the bar, and I said Why, he said It has a beautifully carved bar, so I said OK I’ll have a look. So I went in, and it was a gorgeous bar, and it was all handcrafted. The bar staff were friendly. So, if you are in Sunderland I highly recommend you to go in and have a drink.

The acts that played on Sunday was Yuma, John Wilkins, Sam May, Bernie Christie and Dean James & The Black Dogs.

So as Sunday came, I couldn’t make it down when the gig started as I had to go to a meeting, so when I got to the Dun Cow, the gig was well under way. The gig was set up by Yuma Sunday Sessions. The artist that was on when I got there, was a woman called Bernie Christie, now I didn’t hear the start of her set but what I heard was good, she had that Joanie Mitchell and Stevie Nicks vibe to her set, and when she did Stevie Nicks’ Edge Of Seventeen on the acoustic guitar, I was thinking, I wish I could of got here sooner to hear her from the start and to the rest of the acts that they played.

Dean James & The Black Dogs

As Bernie Christie was packing her gear away when she finished her set I got on talking to Dean James and asked him what he thought of the other acts that played and he said that they were good, and Chris Thompson from Waste Of Space and co owner of Forgotten City Records (Dean’s record label) was there and I also asked him to what he thought of the acts and he said the same, that they were good.

So went off to set up for the set, and I was looking around to see if I could see the bassist and drummer of The Black Dogs, but I didn’t see them, then I realized that, because of the size of the venue, which was small, that they couldn’t get a full drum kit etc into the place, so it was an intimate acoustic set. When Dean started the set off, I was thinking. What was Chris doing playing bass guitar, he’s a guitarist and singer for Waste Of Space, so he supporting Dean at this gig, but damn he’s a talented kid.

As dean went straight in after he was announced with Whiskey, and then Alive, Each time I have seen Dean (this would be the 3rd time) I still say that he doesn’t need any mics or any amplification a he has a very powerful voice.

Long Good Bye was up next and when it was introduced, Dean jokingly said something about women from Sunderland being Mack’em as some women were sitting close by (I couldn’t hear what they said) and he nearly got lynch but laughed and said I know, those dirty Sand Dancers, and Dean is from South Shields. Anyways a Long Good Bye was played.

The next song was Move On, its about someone that has a problems with Crack Cocaine and the attempting to get off of it, to get to see their kids etc. Don’t Kill Yourself was up next it’s similar to Move On, but its about someone have problems with alcohol and pills.

The last track he did was On The Road Again, which was pretty good. And that was it the end of the gig. I am glad that made it down to the Dun Cow to see Dean James, as it was cool to see and talk to him and to see Chris.

I would give Bernie Christie a 4 out of 5, wish I could of heard her full set

I would give Dean James a 5 out of 5 as always a professional and brilliant singer song write

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