PussyWillowFurryVenus & Joy Devision Gig Review

When I found out that Joy Devision (a cover band of Joy Division) were playing Pop Recs LTD (Stockton Rd in Sunderland, UK) last week, I immediately decided to go and see them. I did see them few months back when they played The Borough pub (Vine Place, Sunderland, UK) where they supported PussyWillowFurryVenus, and I thought that they really good then (but I didn’t do a review because I just want a night out to see a couple of bands), and it would be brilliant if they had improved from the last time I saw them.

When I heard that PWFV were going to play the gig, I was like “Hell yes, this band is amazing live, and I’m definitely going”. Now I would crawl over broken glass to go and this band, as they are that good.

When I am at a gig, I tend to see how many people turn up for the gig, and I was outside enjoying the late evening summer sun, I saw that there was a good few people turning up for Joy Devision and PussyWillowFurryVenus.

As I got to the venue, I normally get to gigs early so I can listen to the sound checks of the bands, just to see if they can adapt to the venue they are playing. With Pop Recs Ltd being a small venue they adapted their sound pretty good for the venue.

When PWFV did their soundcheck a lot of people were there already and when they started doing a song, just to see if they got the right sound levels etc, the people were watching and hanging onto every word and note that the band did. When they finished the sound check the crowd in such rapture of the band (even I was as well) that they were disappointed when they finished that someone shouted out that they wanted more, but the band said that this was just a sound check we’ll be playing a little later.

As PWFV started play just after 8.20pm, they was hardly anyone in the place as they were all outside either have a cigarette, enjoying the sun or cooling down the best they can as the venue was really hot, especially with 30 – 40 people in there. As people heard they were playing they rushed in to see them, and some were outside watching them. I have been to Pop Recs Ltd a couple of times previously to see bands there and the crowd was no more than 15 – 20, but this gig was double that and then some.

Bearing in mind that this was the fifth time seeing PWFV since March, and each time they have gotten better, and this time was no different. As the set got fully underway the crowd enjoying it and some of the crowd had started to dance during the songs and applauding after each song. With the band on full from, I could tell that the drummer and bassist were working well with each other as the third song come about as it was a song that was driven by the drums and the bass guitar, with Steph’s vocals and Rob’s guitar were in harmony with the rhythm section of the band.

As we got to the mid way section of the set they did Liar as this is one of my favourite tracks by them. As the set rolled on the crowd were getting more attentive to the band and the drummer (as I said in a previous post about the drummer) is an animal on the drums. One of the tracks that they did was a duets of sorts, as Steph normally does the lead singing and Rob does the backing, and this was a song that I could quite happily listen to on a regular basis. By the Seventh track came around, some of the crowd started to move outside to cool down as the venue was starting to get very hot, but they could still see and hear PWFV. When I last saw them live they were up in Newcastle in support of Lava Frog, when Lava frog released there EP, and from then to now, PWFV have gotten better over time.

When the set was coming to a close they did my favourite song by them, its called Sticky Vicky, I totally love this track as it was this song that got me into PussyWillowFurryVenus back at the start of the year. When they were playing it, for some reason it sounded like they were playing it like a Speed/Thrash Metal song, I don’t know if it was the time constraint of what but I really liked it and it made me love the band even more. As the set came to a close, pretty everyone went outside to cool off as the temperature inside was pretty high.

Joy Devision

As Joy Devision were doing a final sound check, people started to come back into the venue in anticipation of the second half of the gig and to find a place to watch the band.

When I last saw them back in April, I decided then that they needed to be seen again, just to see if they were as good. So they started and I wasn’t disappointed, they were really good when I first saw them. As they continued I could tell that PWFV done their job by getting the crowd going as some were starting to dance and singing alone to the songs.

As the band were going through the back catalogue of the Joy Division, I was getting more into this particular cover, to the point that I was transported back the the late 70’s, early 80’s when JD brought out their 2 albums out, and they were a big influence on myself and to a lot of people.

By the 5th song everyone was enjoying the music, but it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, you’ll always get a numpty who is well and truly pissed and started to barge into people and started to make a nuisance of himself , don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people have a drink or two and having a good time, but there is no point in getting completely wasted and making a tit of yourself.

With the venue being small and the day being a warm, it was hot inside, JD jokingly said is it hot enough for you, if not, do you want the heating on. As they went on with another classic track, they were showing that they were musically and vocally brilliant.

When they plowed on with another song the the lead singer was dancing and so was some of the crowd, and what was making them dance was the drums and bass, it seemed to possess the crowd somewhat and get them going. Dead Souls was played and when Joy Division wrote this track back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, you can hear the Punk influence on the band plus you can also hear an early Goth emergence on this track and Joy Devision played the track perfectly.

As their set was coming to a close they did a couple of songs that were awesome. When Love Will Tear Us Apart was played, the who place was getting involved either singing along or dancing or both, even I was singing along to the track. The set came to a close and I can see why this cover band was formed, as Joy Division’s body of work is rich and brilliant written. plus they were one of the bands that brought the early Goth to the masses after the Punk scene started to fade away in the early 80’s.

As the set was done and dusted, and the bands were packing away their gear, I had the chance reflect on the nights proceedings and I was surprised that I enjoyed the gig. Overall the gig was brilliant and I would go see Joy Devision again. PussyWillowFurryVenus is a no brainer, I would see them any day of the week.

I would give PWFV a 5 out of 5 there a few bands that I have seen the last few months that have impressed me, each time that I have seen PWFV, they have improved each time that I have seen them.

I would give Joy Devision a 4.5 out of 5, need to see them again as I am starting to like this band.

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