Disturbed: Immortalized Deluxe Edition Album Review

Ever since I heard that Disturbed were bringing out a new album out last year, I was like, Yes I’ll have to get that. Immortalized was released at the end of August of last year (2015). At the time I didn’t rush out to my local music store and buy the album straight away, I waited until I heard or watched some of the songs either on the radio or on YouTube, and when I did I went out and bought it at the beginning of the year. What got me to buy this album was their cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound Of Silence. I have always liked the original version ever since I first heard of it in the 70’s, and over the years I have hear quite a few versions of the song and I found that most of those covers were utter shit. When I heard Disturbed’s version I was like “Whoa this is the best version of this song”, I might go as far as its better than the original version, as David Draiman had put a lot of emotion into this song and that comes across within the song.

Since I got the album I have been playing it on and off for a few month, I’ve never been a big fan of theirs prior to this album, but I did like some of their songs from previous albums.

Immortalized Deluxe Edition is like the standard edition of 13 tracks but with this album you get 3 bonus tracks, the bonus tracks are Tyrant, Legion Of Monsters  and The Brave And The Bold.

From what I have listened to over the years from Disturbed their first 5 albums were really good. Immortalized had took 5 years to write and to record. Now I can see why they took their time with this album, I have been listening to it solid for the last 2 days, and each time I heard it it keeps getting better.

The songs that stand out for me is The Light because of the drumming, David’s singing, the keyboards and the guitars. The key changes of the song from low to high and from the soft to the heavy, works superbly and I really enjoyed this track. The Sound Of Silence is the other stand out track for me, as the whole band have put a lot of emotion into the song, like I said before this song is better than the original, and I love the original.

Overall this album is fantastic, the sound, musicianship, singing etc everything is of high quality and I would highly recommend you to go out and buy it.

I would give Immortalized a 5 out of 5

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