Stitched Up Heart – Never Alone review

Long awaited and finally here. The first full length album by Stitched Up Heart from California. I just saw them live last week playing a lot of the songs and hope I can give an unbiased report, which I probably cannot.

The album starts out with Finally Free. The keyboard melody in the beginning kind of reminds me of The Silverback. Nice touch, very hard. The whole album is a big step forward for the band, I feel they have gotten a little harder.

Monster has Mixi kicking it in gear. A good song to bang your head. Catch Me When I Fall next also has a good groove. The band plays excellent on all the tracks (as they do live).

Event Horizon, the fourth track on the album, starts off a little slower. Taking it a notch back, this is one of my lesser favorite songs of the album. It does get harder towards the end and bass, guitar and drums are perfect.

It’s So Easy, the shortest song on the album has a nice groove, gets me foot stomping. Definitely a song you can’t sit perfectly still to. Never Alone has a more prog rock groove, proving again that this band can maneuver between soft and hard easily. That’s just how good they are. This is definitely a song that could easily become a hit single in the radio charts.

Now That You’re Gone, great background vocals by the rest of the band. I do feel they have been more integrated vocally, which I think is a great move. I had already noticed this at the concert and think the band should build up on this. I love Mixi, but lets not forget the guys that make the music. All very good musicians (and nice people, did I mention that?).

Turn You On almost starts out as a ballad, but then the groove sets in. Mixi performs extraordinarily good on this track. The track reminds me of another song, but I can’t put my finger on it. Bleeding Out is the longest song on the album. A slower paced song, one could consider it the ballad of the album. Once again good coordination between vocals and instruments.

City of Angels and I Can’t Breathe are the last songs of the album. Is the first a dedication to their home? We will have to ask, the song definitely picks it back up. Towards the end of the song Mixi has a slight Butcher Babies similarity.  The last song is my absolute favorite off of the album. It starts off quiet and Mixi’s voice reminds of some old fashioned vocal pop until the song begins to kick ass. A good head banging song that gives you a few breaks in between. The intervals between the tempi are very good. I particularly like the refrain that kicks your teeth in.

I would give the album a 4 out of 5 and can advise all metal fans to go buy it. They are available at select Best Buys or downloadable online. Well worth the money, I promise.


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