Dakesis: The New Dawn Album Review

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Dakesis are a Progressive Power Metal band from Birmingham, UK, and like any band that I haven’t heard before, I check their music, videos and read their bio’s out, just to get an understanding where they are coming from.

I was going through my emails, sorting them out, and when Gemma Lawler’s (lead vocals) email came through, I was like “OK, you sent me The New Dawn album to review”, but when I came to look on Twitter, I can’t remember that I followed them on there, so over the last few days I have been trying to find out as much as I can about them. As you can imagine, I have been getting quite a few albums and E.P. through to review, so I have been busy doing them and been doing gig reviews.

Over the last few days, I have been getting my head around The New Dawn album, watching videos of the band etc, and I am liking this band more each time I listen to this album. On this album, the story is that the populace rises up and over throws the King, and chooses a new leader, and this album is the story of the rise and fall of that successor.

Overture The Darkest Hour is a nice orchestral opener to The New Dawn album, which sets up this epic album by Dakesis. The New Dawn is the next track, and it hits you like a freight train from the very start as all good Power Metal songs do and it continues all the way through the song. Gemma on lead vocals is amazing on this track. Betrayal is the first of two duets on this album. On this track Gemma is joined on vocal duty by Matt Gore of the band The Mighty Wraith, their vocals, do work very well together and with the power metal music behind them, it enhances their performance on this track.

Destined For The Flame is the next track, the drums and guitars on this song is more soaring and feels more epic with Gemma’s vocals. The Great Insurrection is one of my favourite songs on the album, as there is very few songs on the album that has any shredding or riffing on the album, as that has been a conscious decision on the bands part, they wanted to let the music as a whole to tell the story.

To Conquer Or Die this track has the Birmingham Rockschool Choir doing backing vocals on the intro of this song and throughout, which makes it for a down right pleasure to listen to. Intermezzo: Meridian track is the midway point on the album and is the turning point within the story. The arrangement of orchestral and metal music goes hand in hand perfectly (I have been saying that classical/orchestral music goes perfectly with metal for years). Judgement Day, OK this song is more of a ballad but it does fit this album really well as it helps the progression of the story.

The Sacrifice. The piano intro is a brilliant addition to this track as it sets up the song to be awesome Power Metal track, as it has some soaring elements that would put Kamelot to shame, and it has some serious heavy duty drumming from Adam Harris, some sweet pinched harmonics from guitarist Matt Jones and some brutal bass from Amie Chatterley from the second half of song, Gemma’ vocals and the Choir backing vocals were amazing to hear.

Autumn is the second track that is a duet, but this time Gemma’s partner for this duet is the drummer Adam Harris. This song is more acoustic than anything else, and it is such a beautifully crafted song. The Seventh Sky is a track that is of the Prog Rock generation, it is an epic track and it clocks in at nearly 18 minutes long. this is how a metal track should last for. A band should have at least one track per album that should be over 7 minutes long, and Dakesis has three, just on this album.

Call To Freedom is a fine piece of music as it is light and airy with some dark undertones with the addition of the Choir. On here Gemma shines through with her vocals. This is one of the few track that has allowed himself to do some shredding.

the last track of the album is By The Fading Light. This song is the second longest of the three epic tracks that grace this brilliant album, and it is awesome with the guitar solos, riffing and shredding. Amie and Adam work brilliant together, and Gemma is spot on with her vocals.

The video below is of the band, and they tell you the process of how they came up with the concept of the story and how they recorded the album.

Well this album has been a rollercoaster of a journey from start to finish, and I can’t wait to see them live one day, as this album has captured Project Metal Music’s attention

I would give Dakesis a definite 4.5 out of 5, so keep up the good work guys.

Project Metal Music

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