AC/DC: Manchester UK Gig

When one of my niece’s contacted me, asking if I was going to see AC/DC down in Manchester, on the 9th of June, I said to her “No I’m not going down to see them, because of Axl Rose”. The reason was I didn’t want to see them, as I used to like Axl Rose as a singer, but then 20 years ago, Guns N’ Roses pretty much ceased to exist, and Axl was the only original member left. And when Brian Johnson announced that he had to retire from doing live concerts back in March. That’s when AC/DC announced that they were looking for a replacement singer – albeit on a temporary basis – so that they could finish off the Rock or Bust tour. And a couple of weeks later, AC/DC announced that Axl was going to be the singer, so they could full fill their tour commitments as they had to postpone 10 dates in the US earlier in the year.

Anyway, for a good 30 minutes or so, my niece was I wouldn’t say she was begging me to go with her, but she convinced me to go with her. So I told her meet up with me the next day so I could give her the money for the tickets. Over the next 24 hours, I had a chance to think, and I thought to myself “When will AC/DC tour again, and I’m curious to see Axl Rose and what he is like as a singer now”, obviously I have been following this story for a good while.

The day came, there was 5 of us that went do to the ETIHAD Stadium, which is for those who are Football/soccer fans in the Manchester City football ground. We were aiming to get to the place before the gig started, but the traffic was horrendous and the typical British weather was horrible, and we got there 4 – 5 songs in. We had to pick up our tickets at the box office and we rushed in.

As we rushed in, High Voltage just started to play and when Axl started sing, I thought “OK, I have heard a lot of people saying that he did a good job in singing AC/DC songs, plus I caught a couple of videos from people who went to the Lisbon, Portugal and other places, and he did sound pretty good”. After the song finished I was like “Whoa, he has killed AC/DC. He was actually good”.

AS the gig went on, I had a look around the Stadium, just to see how many people there was in the place, and I could see at least 35,00o people there. Over the next few songs, Angus took off his school tie and started to play his guitar with it, as there was big screens at the venue we could see him doing it. So then my niece scampered off with couple of friends to see if she could get to the front, to get a better view of her beloved Angus, as she is a big fan of his.

T.N.T, Hells Bells, Whole Lotta Rosie followed and the crowd was loving it, as the camera crews turned the cameras on the crowd when they were doing Whole Lotta Rosie and the crowd went mental. When they did Hells Bells, I was even got caught up in the moment, and I was singing along to Hells Bells. In fact I was singing along to all the songs, throwing up the horns and even started to headbang, ME fucking headbanging with my dodgy neck, and this is not me in the slightest, as I was warned not to do it anymore 15 years ago as I ripped muscle from my neck at a gig, funnily it was at an AC/DC and the same gig where I nearly broke my wrists protecting my partner from being crushed on the barriers`.

When they did T.N.T, I saw Axl dancing on stage, well, sort of, as he had on a specialist boot on to support his broken foot. Plus as he was singing was walking up and down the stage, normally Axl would of been running around. The crowd, they went insane for this song, everyone was either headbanging, getting up onto peoples shoulders, singing or all 3. It was amazing to see, and this is what a rock concert is supposed to be people coming together to watch a world class band doing a show, and EVERYONE have a damn good time.

If You want Blood (You Got It) was up, and the crowd again went ballistic for it, and after this was done, Angus was doing a guitar solo and he disappeared for a minute, then he reappeared on top of the Marshall stacks, and then proceeded to do a 20 minute solo, the masses were cheering at every opportunity, and they were mesmerized – myself included – by him. Another track that they play was Let There Be Rock where the was chanting along when the lights came up and all I could see was a see of hands in the air and people singing their hearts out to the song.

There was a short break of a couple of minutes and some people thought that this was the end of the gig, and started to leave some of them just wanted to get the jump on the traffic. But no, there was an Encore of a couple of songs. The song that they finished on is For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) and Axl was brilliant on this, OK he might of lost some of his power in his voice, but it still got something it that I am starting to like this guy again as he powered through the song with ease and as he sang FIRE the Cannons went off. At the end of the song there was a fireworks display when they were finishing of the song.

At the end, when the lights came up on the show, and it was time to leave, we all met up at the end and started to discuss what we just witnessed, my niece, was buzzing her head off, because she saw her idol, Angus Young in the flesh. When they asked me what I thought about the gig, I was like “That was amazing, Axl was Brilliant, he might of lost a bit of his power in his voice, but was spot on. And Angus was awesome as ever”. As we made our way out and to the car, we were chatting away about the ins and outs of the gig.

Well that was one hell of a gig. If you get the chance you need to see AC/DC, so go and see them. I was glad the that my niece twisted my arm going to this gig, and I am eternally grateful to her for making me go, so a massive thank you her.

I would give this gig an definite 5 out of 5

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