The Raygun Girls: Rising Dawn Album Review

I have been listening to The Raygun Girls for a few months now, and when they said that they have been working on a new material for an album, I was thinking “Oh cool, and I can’t wait for this to come out”.

Rising Dawn Album Cover

When I received an email through the other day from their manager, I looked at the sender and then at the subject, I was confused for a second, then it dawned on me that it was the new Raygun Girls, I was thinking that it was due for release at the back end of June, and the press release was the week before. I was pleasantly surprised that I received it early. And it is out in August

As I was listening to Rising Dawn, like with any music that I review, I like to listen to it at least once, just to get a feel for it. As the album was playing in the background, I was thinking, this album has definitely got a different feel to it than the previous one.

As I Please is the first track off the album. Geoff’s vocals on this track has that goth sound to them, and the guitars on this are heavier and gives the track the goth feel which will appeal to the goth community. Beware is the next track, this is more of an industrial rock song with a goth undertone, with the drums and vocals, this song reminds me of the early days of Killing Joke, The guitars on this are absolutely sweet as the are thunderous and loud.

Deep Inside is a song that reminds me of a crossover of Kate Bush and Killing Joke, as the drums remind me of Bush’s Running Up That Hill, and Geoff’s vocals sounds a bit like Jaz Coleman. This track is very atmospheric with the drums and and keyboards.

The God Machine is much darker track from the others with the grinding guitars and pounding bass and it is very reminiscent of the mid 90’s Industrial Metal scene, that was coming out of the US and UK of that time, which was brilliant. This track has gone onto my playlist. My Words Are Apocalypse like The God Machine, is of the Industrial Metal family, with a bit of goth thrown in for good measure.

Nowhere To Run is the next track and from what I could tell that the song is of the Grunge Rock side of things with the slightly distorted, dirty sounding guitars, but has that Hard Rock edginess to it in some of the riffs, and coupled that with drums it sounds perfect.

Rising Dawn is the title track off the album. If you like the fast paced drumming of rock, you will this. As this is about the rising dawn of violence. Smash It Down is very similar to Rising Dawn, with the drumming but the guitars are more prevalent on this track, than that of the previous one, this is another track that has gone onto my playlist.

Super PAC, as I was listening to this song, this of and Industrial/ Goth ilk, where it got inside my head, where it was grabbing my soul and it was blasting it into the stratosphere, with the guitar and drumming, with its heavy shredding. That’s Enough is of the same measured pace of Super PAC but on a slightly faster pace and cleaner guitars.

Thoughts And Prayers, this song is very much bass guitar driven from start to finish, I don’t know what it is about this song, but it has gotten under my skin and its got me liking it. I don’t know if it is the Bass Guitar or the subject matter that has gotten liking it. You Made Me, is of a hard rock nature, with the guitars and bass as they work well together with the drums and Geoff’s vocals ties it all together for a stupendous track. Logo

If you like Goth, Industrial and Hard Rock, you will like The Raygun Girls. To pre order the Rising Dawn album click here to go to The Raygun Girls Bandcamp page.

I would give The Raygun Girls’ album Rising Dawn a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album.

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