Rolodex of Gods: Music Review

Ever since Project Metal Music was set up last October, it has steadily grown. In the last 8 month, Project Metal Music has opened my eyes to even more of the rock and metal scene, (and I have been into Rock and Metal for nearly 40 years), plus it has given me the opportunity to see even more awesome bands like Rolodex of Gods.

Rolodex of Gods are a rock band from Norwich here in the UK.

A week or two ago Rolodex of Gods followed Project Metal Music on Twitter, and so I checked them out on their ReverbNation page. So I listened to their music, OK they have only three sounds up on there, and from what I have heard of those three songs, they are really good.

Their first track on ReverbNation is Pendant, is about finding strength to overcome adversity, foes etc and to rise above and to fight on regardless, this is a grunge rock track that is pretty awesome, as it takes me back to the early 90’s when grunge was at its height, this track has some elements of Soundgarden and Nirvana to the sound which some people like.

No is a track that is about a long term relationship ending and finding the strength to look at the situation coming to terms with it ending and moving on. This has definitely got some Faith No More and Soundgarden influences to the guitars and drums on this track, Luke (vocals/guitar) is really good on vocals as he gets emotion of the story to carry over to the listener.

Witches & Promises is about the battle within ourselves on the mentally emotional level, where you get pulled one way, then another, when someone is addicted to something. Totally love the drums and guitars on this track, as it feels like they are representing the battle that going on in the heads of those who are addicted.

I would give Rolodex Of Gods a 4 out of 5 these guy pretty cool. But I would love to hear more stuff by them, also I would like to see them live as well, just to see what they are like live.

For more info go to their Facebook page here.

Project Metal Music

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