Angelwarrior Ace: Music Review

Over the last few months I have been listening to ANGELWARRIOR ACE just to get a feel of the music, and what its all about.

ANGELWARRIOR ACE is from Germany, probably one of the best bands from there, from what I have been listening to.

As I am listening to the music on ReverbNation, I do get the sense that its more than just Metal that the band is playing there is a lot more to it, I can hear some pagan, thrash, death, black and a touch of goth in there, and this attracted me to ANGELWARRIOR ACE as it mashes up several genres of rock and metal, to make a brilliant sound.

Out of the 6 songs they have put up on ReverbNation my favourite track has to be Warriors Prayer as it is a 7 + minutes of pure genius. This track will take you of a journey into the unknown, see the video below.

I would give Angelwarrior ACE a 4.5 out of 5 because of the track Warriors Prayer

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3 thoughts on “Angelwarrior Ace: Music Review

  1. Angelwarrior Ace is the best artist I have ever heard my entire life! His fantastic voice goes straight to my heart. All his cover songs he make his own in a fabulous and special way, and his own songs kick ass big time! The thing that is most special about him is that he does everything himself and his mixes also are always better than surten studios and labels can do. His music and vocals are filled with power and energy, all just so fantastic! He is unique, one of a kind! All he does turns to magic! All his amazing songs are so absolutely worth being listened to and loved by everyone, and I highly recommend his album Magic also for everyone to buy!
    Greets Ann

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      1. Thank you so much! I also agree with you in everything you first said, its like you know him in person. You fully understand the meaning in his songs. I must say that no one can reach Angelwarrior Ace level, he is way too unique in everything he does. His voice is so special, there is no one that can copy him, not ever. Best thing with him is his humongous heart, with this he reaches people, because he cares about what he delivers to people, all is high quality done with much love 🙂

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