Lisbon: Gig Review

For over a month or so I have been watching Lisbon getting prepared to tour the UK, for their album Vice. As I followed Lisbon on Facebook I noticed that the were playing one of their gigs in Sunderland, and I thought “This is my chance to support a locally grown band” as Lisbon is from Whitley Bay in the North East of England, so I couldn’t wait for the gig to come, and when it did on the 19th of May, I went.

As I made my way to Sunderland, my expectation of Lisbon not going to disappoint was starting to mount, because I have been been hearing good things about Lisbon, over the time I have been following them, so, hence I just wanted them to be brilliant.

So I got to the venue The Independent in Sunderland, and waited outside for the doors to open, and for the gig to start, as I was waiting, about 10 – 15 people showed up for the start of the gig, and as the doors open at 7:35pm, and as we started to go in, and most of the people there were in their late teens early 20, but some were in their 40s (myself included), and it was a good mix of age groups.

Support Bands

Black Lines

This group from Sunderland was an alternative 4 piece band consisting of a drummer, a guitarist, bassist and a keyboardist, the keyboardist is also the singer. As the set started out, it was a bit on the tentative side, but found their stride, and quickly got the crowds attention with some brilliant music and some excellent riffs and the drummer and bassist working well together, as both are animals, the drummer was giving his tubs a damn good thrashing on most of the tracks they did, the bassist, well he wasn’t you usual bassist, he was moving about enjoying himself. the guitarist was good as he was belting out some canny riffs on the songs, the singer/keyboardist is a decent singer and a showman and knew how to get the crowd going.

Lord Swans

Well this band are really good, this 4 piece group from Whitburn, had something about them, but on the night I couldn’t put my finger on what they had, I don’t know if it was the the drummer or the lead guitarist of the singer, but they did have something, even now I still can’t put my finger on it. The songs that they did were pretty good, as there was some brilliant riffs from the lead and rhythm guitars. Some of their tracks that they did appealed to me more than others as some were more rockier than others and they made me go “OH yeah”. I don’t know why but some of the crowd drifted away from this band, but this band should be checked out as they sounded really good.

Far Pacific

When Far Pacific came to the stage, they had a few very minor technical difficulties, and they sorted out quickly, and when straight into their set. As they started, it came to me that they sounded (not totally) very much like The Cure of the late 80s, early 90s in their sound, the singer was really good, the rest of the band were amazing. throughout their set, they got the crowd going with their brand of alternative rock as they kicked ass with their music, Far Pacific is another band that you need to keep and eye on as they are going places.

Main Band


As Lisbon was setting up, a lot more people were coming into the venue to see them, there must of been at least 50 people at the gig. Just before Lisbon came on stage all the lights went out, then bang, Lisbon launched into their set, and from the off, they went mental on stage, their first song was so up beat, it got everyone going, there was strobes and their music fast and loud, and I thought “OH Fuck, now this is what I was waiting for, for the last month or so”. As the set went on, as was getting more into Lisbon, so was the crowd as they started dancing, singing alone to the songs. When they were about the 4 songs off the end of their set they did Bananas, which they surprised me, as this appealed to me even more, as this is more of a metal song, and as I am a metaller, I was like ” Fuck Yeah” and this song grabbed a hold of me and didn’t let go, and so did the last 3 songs, at the end I was pumped to the point that I would definitely see these guys again when they play Sunderland. Lisbon were AWESOME, and they didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. if you get the chance go check them out. Their Facebook page is

Well, I would definitely see all these bands again, I would highly recommend these bands to anyone.

Black Lines I would give these a 4.5  out of 5

Lord Swans I would give these a 4 out of 5

Far Pacific I would give these a 4.5 out of 5

Lisbon I would definitely give these 5 out of 5

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