Aria: Music Review

I was checking my emails and Dream Aria sent me an update from their ReverbNation page. So I went to check it out, and when I was coming off their page I saw Aria in the search bar, so I clicked on to their page just to see what they were like. Anyways I started look around their page and they are from Buffalo, NY, USA, and they are a female fronted alternative rock band, and have a similar sound to Paramore and Evanescence.

On My Own, is pretty awesome, it has that upbeat dancey feel to it, as Bianca Dyrland gives this song something that I just can’t put my finger on, and with the band backing her, this is a brilliant track, the video is below, so you can watch for yourself.


Something’s Gotta Give, the guitars are pretty decent as some of the riffs on this track are brutal, and Dyrland’s vocals are well suited to this song as they soar in places, and the drummer gives it what as well.

Black Hole is another song that has some really nice guitar work, you can tell the guitars have been slightly detuned on this track and coupled that with the bass and drums, its makes this track better, Bianca’s voice on this song makes this a superb track to dance to.

Purgatory is a beautiful song dedicated to their late drummer and friend Kurtis Helm


Unrequited Love is a duet and is  pretty decent song, it some nice riffs, and Bianca’s vocals are pretty sweet and the blokes voice works perfectly with Bianca and is a brilliant counterpoint for the song. Your Underling is the next track and is more heavier than the previous tracks, as the drumming is the driving force on this with the guitars ripping it up with some pretty good riffs. Bianca is brilliant on Your Underling as her voice suits this song.

Silent Heart might start off slow, but it shows off Bianca’s versatility and the bands. Silent Heart is what I would call a classic Goth Rock track, plus I can definitely hear their of Evanescence on this and you got to hear it to appreciate it.

To the Fire is more of a Rockier side of Aria, with some wicked riffs and awesome drumming, there is some piano in there as well for a counterpoint to the song, and in the whole, the piano does make this song more of a symphonic rock track than a rock song, more so than the previous stuff I have listened to.

I am not much of a Paramore fan, for some reason I just can’t get into them, BUT, Aria has changed my mind and I will take another look at them.

I would give Aria a 4.5 out of 5

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