Forever Still: Music Review

Ever since Robert mentioned to me that Forever Still was play a gig at Trillians Rock Bar in Newcastle on the 6th of April 2016, I have been listening or watching their videos, ever since Robert introduced me to Forever Still about 7 days before that gig so I can get familiarized myself with the band prior to the gig so I know what to expect, and from what I have heard of them before the gig, I totally loved them.

I have been listening to some of their music on ReverbNation for a while now, and this is the first chance that I got to do this review.

The first song Is Awake The Fire, this is one hell of song, the guitar is awesome and the drums and bass are kickass and Maja’s soaring vocals are perfect. This track must be played load to get the full effect of the sublime riffs on this recording.

Breathe In, is another excellent tune from the band, from the off, it has some brutal riffing, and Maja does some really good screaming on this. This is going to be on my playlist on ReverbNation.

Save Me is the next track, OK this might be slower in the tempo department but this track shows off the bands talent as musicians. The crafting of this song shows that they can write a perfect metal ballad that can soften even a harden metaller heart.

Scars is a brilliantly brutal brain melter, It is riff ladened and Maja’s vocals are really powerfully on this track, the band are better than perfect, on this song. See the video to see what I mean


Once Upon A Nightmare, is a song that has a perfect blend of balanced vocals and huge riffs, thunderous drums and pounding bass, to tell a story of someone having a living nightmare of existence. This has to be a must hear track by Forever Still.

Miss Madness, OK this might be a bit on the slow side, but this song shows off Maja’s versatility as a singer and the band as a real power house of awesomeness as they can switch between total metal and the softer side of rock. The Key is up next and is in the same vain as Miss Madness, these tracks I could listen to all day, and at the end of The Key, Maja can be heard doing some screamo which sets the track off as an ending.

The Last Day has some brilliant bass playing, there is some awesome riffs, Maja is brilliant as ever and the drums really set this song off. Towards The Edge is a song that you can put on at night just before you go to sleep and it will make you so relaxed that it will send you off to sleep, as Maja and co have come up with a song that will sooth you sleep.

Well, what can I say about Forever Still. They are an amazing band and I would love to see these guys again as they are a kickass band.

I will be getting their new album Tied Down when I get the do so, and when I do get it I will be doing a review for that.

I would give Forever Still a 4.5 out of 5.

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