Stitched Up Heart – Female fronted hard rock from Cali

I first became aware of Stitched Up Heart after the singer, Alecia “Mixi” Demner, followed my pet supplies account on Twitter. Turned out, Mixi is a big pet lover and she and the band support local shelters in their home state of California. As a music lover, I always try to listen into musicians that follow me, and I very much liked what I had heard. Plus she loves cats.

The band was founded in 2010 and consists of Mixi on vocals, Decker on drums, Merritt and Nick on guitars and Randy on bass.

Their first release was a 3-track self-titled EP in self production in 2010, followed by the 6-track “Escape the Nightmare” in 2012. Their first full CD album “Never Alone” will be released June 17th and promises to be loaded with great music as one can hear from the first two released singles, “Finally Free” and “Monster”. My favorite Stitched Up Heart songs include “Frankenstein” and “Grave”.

Mixi has the ability to scream into the microphone like a Butcher Babe but also lullaby lyrics like a sweet melody. This band is on the rising and they will no doubt one day headline their own tours. And yet, they are very accessible for their fanbase. (And did I mention they love cats?)

They will be touring with Lacuna Coil and I will be attending the Atlanta concert in June where I will hopefully get a hold of the band for a short interview (and some pics). Unfortunately the new CD will not be out by that time, it would have been great to have a copy while there.

You can connect with them on social media at: on Facebook and also on Twitter


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