Rough Trade: Gig Review

Rough Trade are a local band from Ryhope, Sunderland, UK. They were only formed a few weeks back, so they got their first gig at The Guide Post, in Ryhope, as The Guide Post wants to support local bands, groups, singers etc, so they said “Yes, we’ll book you”.

When Rough Trade started to play, they started off with Fratellis’s Chelsea Dagger, which they performed very well considering that this was their first song at their first gig. So their song that they did was blink 182’s All The Small Things, I have never really been a fan of Blink 182 but I did like the cover what they did of Blink 182.

As they got settled into their set, they made a couple mistakes but considering that this was their first gig, and they were nervous. As they started to play Green Day’s American Idiot, I was thinking “Don’t fuck this up, as this is a classic Green Day song”, as they went through the track, they played the full version of the song, which they played amazingly.

Another classic song that they did is The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks and they played near perfect but they did fluff a few things, but hey it was their first gig. When you see a band as young as Rough Trade you don’t really hear them play Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, and did pretty well.

As they neared the end of the first half of the gig, they did a couple songs that where pretty good some nice riffs and they were starting to feel more relaxed and when they started to play The Clash I Fought The Law song I thought “Really, you really going to attempt this” but they did surprise me when they pulled it off, and they were pretty good in doing this song. they closed the first half of their set with The Wombats and they did the song they chose pretty well.

The band finished and took a break for 15 minutes and I was talking to the manager and he was telling me that they only formed a few weeks back, and the manager asked me what I thought of them so far so I said to him “that they were a bit flat in place, but like you said they only formed a few weeks back, so with a bit more practice, they’ll get it and be pretty awesome”

Anyways they band came back onto the stage, and they started to belt out Chuck Berry’s Johnny Be Goode, I was like “Hell yeah, this is awesome”. As they delved into the set, and doing songs, that were performed brilliantly. Red Hot Chill Peppers’ Californication was nest and they performed it pretty well, nearly as good as RHCP.

The next track they dove into was The Arctic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, they pretty much nailed this song and the musicianship was starting to show through as they started to relax a hell of a lot more and they was getting more into the performance. they also did the Stereophonics track Dakota which was brilliant as I am a fan of the Stereophonics, and I am glad that they did that track.

Dance On My Own, is a new one on me, as it is by a singer called Robyn, as I haven’t heard of the singer before, this is not my bottle of vodka, but they did perform the song pretty well, from what I could tell.

This is the only downside of the gig. I have seen quite a few cover bands in my time, but why do these cover bands always got to do an Oasis song, and it is getting old now.

When they said that they were doing Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams, I thought “Hell yes” as this is one of his popular songs and the crowd were loving it, as they were singing along to it, as Rough Trade were playing it, they weren’t going to play it on the night as they didn’t know, except for the drummer who introduce them to it, and got the rest of the band to learn the track.

Now for over 35 years ever since I first heard of Pinball Wizard by The Who, I have been a massive fan of theirs since then, and when Rough Trade started doing the timeless classic My Generation, I was like “No way, your doing The Who, you better not balls this up”. I was stunned that they actually pulled it off, for it is a relatively hard song to do. they had the energy and the skill to pull it off.

The Foo Fighters was the last band they’d covered on the night. Now I have seen the Foo Fighters back in 1998 when they did the Ozzfest, down in Milton Keynes, and they were awesome. When Rough Trade cover one of their tracks, they were fantastic they were channeling Dave Grohl throughout the song.

At the end of the gig, I was thinking that if they practiced a lot more and started to write their own music this band would be brilliant.

I would give Rough Trade a 4 out of 5 for being good, need to see this band again to see how much better they are getting.

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