Killing Joke: Pylon Album Review

I have been following Killing Joke for over two decades, and I have got most of their albums. when I found out that they released Pylon at the end of last year, I didn’t find out that they released the album until I stumbled across it in February. Since then, I have been listening to it on and off.

Over the years I have listened to most of  their albums and I have also went to see them a few times, and I have had high expectation from this album and when I started playing the Pylon album, “Yep. This is definitely Killing Joke that I know and love”.

Autonomous Zone is the first track on the Pylon album, and well this is a track that is perfect to kick off the album, it has the ubiquitous thunderous drums and the riff grinding guitars and the use of the synth in the back ground, all together, they make this a brilliant track.

Dawn Of The Hive is the next track. From the off of this track, the guitars are bone crunching brilliant, and the use of a drum machine in places on this track enhances the overall sound, Jaz Coleman’s vocal are superb as ever, as he brilliant haunting quality to any song that Killing Joke do.

New Cold War. On this track, the lead guitar is cleaner than the previous two tracks, and with the drums not as pounding this song is really good, as you can happily play this track if you are in the car or doing any exercise as this is a really good motivational track to play.

Euphoria is a track that is more of a ballad than anything else, but it has some really cool tribal drum work that is very catchy with sublime guitars and synths backing it up, and Coleman’s vocal overlay makes this very spooky.

New Jerusalem, at first I didn’t know what to make of this song, the beginning of the track without the guitars it reminded me of Iron Maiden’s The Sign of the Cross but when you add the guitars, I thought “What the hell….?” and when the guitars and drums fully kicked in, “OH Yeah, this is more like it” as the drums and guitars are brutal and they will mash up your brain with their pounding.

War On Freedom, totally love the guitars on this as they go from pure grinding brutality to being almost angelic, and again Coleman’s vocals top notch. Big Buzz, this is a bit slow compared to other Killing Joke songs but it is a good song nonetheless.

Delete is more energetic that Big Buzz, especially in the drums, guitars and Coleman’s vocals. This song will get you headbanging to a degree, definitely, if and when they play this live, This going onto my playlist. I Am The Virus is a song that will make your ears bleed, as it is brutal in its drumming and in the guitars, plus it is a fast tempo track, with that its another song for the car.

Into The Unknown is a brilliant track to finish off this album (Standard album), as it is fast and brutal, plus that they are going somewhere that they haven’t been before, so I want to go with them to discover what they find.

Well overall this album has been brilliant, Killing Joke have brought another superb album that I will be listening to a lot more.

I would give Pylon a 4.5 out of 5. Need to see these guys again.

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