BaDOmen: Weather The Storm Album Review

On and off for years, I have been actively searching for new bands that I could get into, and in the last few weeks, I came across BaDOmen. BaDOmen is a solo artist/producer from Melbourne, Florida. When I started to listen to BaDOmen’s music a few weeks back, I didn’t know what to expect from him, but as as I listened to his songs, I was thinking “Oh yeah, I could get into this”. and when I came to do this review, I listened to that album again, just to refresh my memory of what BaDOmen was all about, now I know why I like BaDOmen.

The first track off the Weather The Storm album is Can’t Escape, its starts off quietly and builds up then bang, it goes into some blistering Metal and with some brutal drumming, and it has some really nice riffing.

Falls Apart carries on from Can’t Escape, but Falls Apart is more melodic in its construction, and has some synth in there to counter balance the sweet drumming and guitars. This track is the perfect song to chill out track.

Sick and Tired, this track has a Gothic feel to it, which I love. It also has a soaring elements of a good Goth Metal song. Weather The Storm and title track is the next song and it is a proper metal track, as it has got all the elements of of a metal track, its got awesome drumming, brilliant riffs and orchestral elements of a Symphonic Metal/Rock band.

Never Change, what a track, this is more of a Speed Metal track, especially with the drumming, and the guitars are sublime on this. BaDOmen uses a synth on this track to full effect, as it helps the track to be a stand out track for me. Alive follows on from Never Change, Alive is still a Speed Metal track but it is on the slower side, but I do like it to the point where I have put Never Change and Alive onto my playlist.

When It Rains, It Pours, has that Industrial feel to it especially in the rhythm guitar, as its got that mechanical, repetitive grinding feel to it and coupled that with the pounding drums and the soaring lead guitar, this makes When It Rains, It Pours a magical track that can carry you away on a journey for 3 and a half minutes.

Weather The Storm is an instrumental album from start to finish, but I have found over the years that I have been listening to rock and metal, that sometimes, a well crafted album doesn’t need any singing to tell a story, and Weather The Storm is one of those albums, where you can sit down, put it on and lose yourself in the album.

*Glitter In The Sky is one hell of a track, the guitars are brutally distorted and the drumming is brilliant, and the synth gels it all together to make an awesome song.

Better Off well this track is brilliant, the lead guitar has that soaring tone, and the rhythm guitar has the brutal distortion effect on it, that makes the song epic, this is another song that will be going onto my playlist.

Bolts From The Blue. The drums well the drums has the double kick pedal which is awesome for this track, and the overall of this sound is amazing. Cloud Nine, is a melodic track that gets under the skin and gets you nodding and saying hell yeah.*

I would give this album a 5 out of 5 to me BaDOmen has made an awesome album in Weather The Storm and I would highly recommend you to go out and listen to it. there is some links below:, Google Play, iTunes.

Project Metal Music

*Tracks that were left off*

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