The Raygun Girls: Ghost 15 Album Review


When I was talking to Robert (Co-Editor and Co-Writer of Project Metal Music), he told me of a band called The Raygun Girls, he wanted me to check them out, so I did, and what I found out about them was (my first impressions), they were on the Grunge side of Rock/Metal, as I delved more into their background, I found out that they were a Goth, Gothic Rock, Hard Rock, Industrial Rock and Metal band from New York, USA.

As the conversation with Robert continued, I told him that I messaged the band, that Project Metal Music would love to do a review of their music, so they messaged me back that I should Email their management about getting links to their music. When I sent off an Email to their management, they replied that The Raygun Girls have released an album earlier this year called Ghost 15, and they are working on another called Rising Dawn, which will be released next month (May).

As I started to write this review, the band sent me a link to their Bandcamp page which is The Raygun Girls, this where you can download their tracks etc. I have started to listen to some of their music on Bandcamp, and from what I can hear that these guys are pretty awesome.

As I am listening to the Ghost 15 album, this band needs to be recognized by everyone as an awesome band. The first track off the album is Ashes, the lyrics was written by Ryako and sung by her, and what a singer Ryako is, she is brilliant on this track couple that with the music played by The Raygun Girls this is a really haunting song, if you are into goth music as a whole you would love this track.

Betrayer is the next song on the album, the song is sung by Lizzy Neiman, the lyrics was written by Amanda Rose, and Lizzy does this song justice, as the track has that grunge feel to it. Break It is a track has definitely got the Goth sound, the guitars on this track are brilliant, as they got that thunderous pounding that will turn your brain to mush, the vocals are sublime, OK they might be slightly out of key, but they do give the song that edginess that makes this song perfect.

Burning Love is a song that starts of slow and builds up, Geoff Saavedra does some pretty nifty growls etc, and is the beast to Ryako’s beauty counterpoint and the music awesome as it compliments the vocals. I Don’t Mind is sung by Kindel and Geoff, and the song is a Goth Metal track with some Punk elements thrown in on the vocals for good measure, plus the guitars have that Speed Metal vibe going on. The lyrics for I Don’t Mind was written by Kindel Stubblefield.

More Like You is one of my favourite tracks by The Raygun Girls, as this has the guitar riffs and thundering drums that I like in a Metal song. Never Again is another favourite track of mine, as this has that, its hard to describe, its got that Speed Metal vibe to it, and it is a perfect song for a long car journey, as it would make it pass more quickly.

Haunt Me is a haunting song with some nice grinding guitars and some sweet drumming, this is definitely an awesome Goth track, and Kindel is perfect on this track as her vocals are superb. If you like a good solid Metal track then Horse is your track, as it has some brutal guitars and solid drumming.

Nothing Breaks is a really good Industrial track as it is ladenedĀ  with some awesome guitars and the riffing is second to non, this track well get you into the mosh pit and gets you to do some serious headbanging. Time Keeps is the final track on the Ghost 15 album, and is a perfect outro for the album as has the Industrial Speed Metal feel to the song and coupled with Geoff’s vocals, you could quite happily listen to this all day.

The overall sound of this album is good. If you like your Metal to be Industrial, Goth with a bit of Speed/Thrash metal thrown in for good measure, then you will like The Raygun Girls. I would highly recommend you go out and buy the Ghost 15 album, this is the link where you can get it, The Raygun Girls on Bandcamp.

I would give Ghost 15 a 4 out of 5 this band is really good and I need to hear more from them. I have spoken to The Raygun Girls and they have said that they are working on a new album called Rising Dawn due for release next month, so keep an eye out for that.

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