Verde: Music Review

When a band follows me on Twitter, if I don’t know them or if I do know them but I don’t know them that well, I will go and check them out. When Verde, a band from New York, USA, who are a Metal/Alternative Metal band, followed me Twitter I was thinking “I haven’t heard of you guys, I’ll check you out before I follow back”, and thats what I did. I went onto their site (where you can buy their merchandise) and listened to some tracks by them, and what confronted me was, that this band is totally awesome, I was like, “How the hell did I miss these for so long”

When I followed them and posted a Tweet that Verde was “Pretty shit hot” and we started to chat about stuff, and from what I can fathom out is, that these guys are pretty decent people, who are passionate about their music, and this is one of the reasons what look for in a band, a singer, a group or whatever, its about the passion for the music that they are creating.

I have been listening the some of Verde’ music as I am writing this, I am seriously becoming a fan of these, because I can definitely hear the passion in the music. If you like Rage Against The Machine, Biohazard, Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc you will love these.

Verde’s music is very Bass Guitar driven, which is very much like The Chilli’s, plus I can also hear (I don’t know they were influenced by them), but I can definitely hear a small amount of Cypress Hill in there as well. One of my favourite tracks by Verde is Power, I could quite happily listen to this track all day.

If you haven’t heard of Verde, I would VERY highly recommend you to go and check Verde out on their website, you will not be disappointed.


I would definitely give this band 5 out of 5

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