BABYMETAL: Metal Resistance Album Review


Ever since BABYMETAL announced they were doing Metal Resistance back in December, and it was going to be released on The Fox Day (April 1st), I was and like many other fans around the world, we were shouting “Yes, a new album, and its a proper full length one”.

By the Kami Band, it has been a long three and half months, and I was literally counting down the days one at a time, and it is a wonder that I have any fingers left as I was biting my nails constantly, waiting for the album to come out. Then, morning, I was literally counting down the seconds, so i could go into my local city center, and pick up a copy of the the album, and when I got it, I was rushing back home so I could listen to it at full volume (only way to listen to BABYMETAL), but the gods were conspiring against me as the bus I was on broke down, It BLOODY BROKE DOWN!!!!! and I was shouting “NOOOO!!! DON’T DOES THIS TO ME, NOT NOW”, but all credit to the bus driver, he’d managed to sort out another bus for the passengers, so a huge thumbs up for him.

Well after that, I did manage to get home, and soon as I got in, I put Metal Resistance on and I haven’t turned it off yet. On this album, Su-Metal, Yuimetal, Moametal, the Kami Band, and the writers of the music have done a brilliant job, they have matured over the last 5 + years as musicians, writers etc.

As I have been listening to the album, and I have listen to it several times before I started this review. It started off with Road of Resistance, as it picks up from their debut album BABYMETAL, and that song is a brilliant opener for the album.

Karate, is one hell of a song, the song is about team work and as they work as a team, they can over come anything that life throws at them. the music is thunderous and melodic, and it will pound your brain into submission. As to the video I have been watching it on a regular basis and it has been beautifully done.

Awadama Fever, this is the Gimme Chocolate off the first album, but this is about Bubble Gum, It has the dance/pop feel to it, but it is set to some serious Heavy Metal music, courtesy of the brilliant Kami Band.

YAVA! I wasn’t to sure about this song when I first heard it, but after a few listens to it, I quite like it. The sound of it, it does remind me of Crossfaith, a band that fuses electronica with Metal music, but with this song BABYMETAL throws in the J-Pop elements, and this makes a superb mash up.

Amore. What a song, this is Power Metal at its best, enough said.

Meta Taro is one of my favourite tracks by BABYMETAL. This has got something (don’t what it is) that I love in a metal track the drums and the riffs, this takes me back to the 80’s and 90’s when metal was good. It also has the death metal growls on the backing vocals, which I totally love. Plus it reminds me of a Studio Ghibli anime film, My Neighbour Totoro and its end song.

From Dawn Till Dusk. this is a really good ballad, with some really good riffs and is well sung by Su-Metal and with back up vocals of Yuimetal and Moametal.

GJ! is a Black BABYMETAL track and it is more like a rap/hip hop metal track that has thunderous drums that will beat you into submission.

Sis. Anger is another Black BABYMETAL track and unlike GJ! you will be knocked out by too much headbanging.

No Rain, No Rainbow, this sung by Su-Metal, and it is a ballad and it does show off Su-Metal’s vocals perfectly, the Kami Band are awesome, what can’t they do, they can go from down right pure death metal to classic rock, and it is classic rock on this track and it compliments Su-Metal’s vocals to a tee.

Tales of Destinies this is a weird track but I love it. It will mash your brain in and then leave you wanting to know what just happened.

The One, this is a track that is sung in mostly English, with the chorus sung in Japanese. you got to sit down and let the song just take you away on a journey, this track is well crafted and well performed by the girls and by the Kami Band.

Overall I totally loved this album, I haven’t turned it off for 2 days straight, this is how much I have enjoyed it.

I would give Metal Resistance album a 5 out of 5 because as this is an Excellent album

Go out and check it out you will not be disappointed

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