Lawnmower Deth Music Review

Well, what can I say about Lawnmower Deth, apart from that they are fucking mental, but in a good way. I first heard of Lawnmower Deth back in 1991 when they did Kim Wilde’s Kids In America.

When I heard of them, it was through Kim Wilde herself, when she was in Germany doing an interview on German TV. The presenter showed her the video by Lawnmower Deth and she turned around and said that “This was the best version of Kids In America that I ever seen” and this got back to the UK and Lawnmower Deth had a minor hit on the rock charts here in the UK.

In the 90’s Lawnmower Deth faded from my memory and so did the band, as they disbanded in 1993, and I completely forgot about them by the late 90’s. In 2008 they reunited to support Bullet For My Valentine for a few gigs, at this point I didn’t know that they had reunited, it wasn’t until 2nd December 2015 that I found out that they were together again. On the day in question, I was minding my own business, listening to BBC Radio 2 as I always do, because I do like listening to Steve Wright’s The Big Show and Simon Mayo’s Drivetime, as they do play a lot of Rock and Metal on their shows. Anyway, as I was listening to Simon Mayo’s Drive Time.

*On 2 December 2015, Lawnmower Deth exploded back onto the UK music scene when they were mentioned by a contributor to the BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime shows’ ‘Drivetime Confessions’. The contributor was mistakenly identified at a Lawnmower Deth concert by Kerrang magazine and the contributor was seeking forgiveness by the Confessional for misleadingly depriving the real individual at the concert from claiming goods released by Kerrang. When this was mentioned on the Drivetime Confessional, Simon Mayo managed to locate a track from Lawnmower Deth and played the cover track of ‘Kids in America’ on air. As a result the BBC stated that they were flooded with calls regarding the band wanting to know more. As a follow up, on the 3rd December 2015, Simon Mayo called Peter Lee and discovered that Peter had been washing up at the time on the 2nd and, immediately after the airing of ‘Kids In America’, his telephone didn’t stop ringing. Local band makes good*.

On the 2 December I was trying to remember where and when I heard these. When Simon Mayo played Kids in America, that triggered a memory, and it annoyed the living shit out me, as I couldn’t remember for the life of me where I heard it from. It wasn’t until Pete Lee, whilst being interview by Simon Mayo on the 3rd of December and said that Kim Wilde, whilst herself was being interview by a German TV station and she said that she loved the video to Kids In America, and thats when she pretty much endorsed the band. That’s when the penny dropped and thats when I remembered where I heard them, it was back in the early 90’s, as I am a fan of Kim Wilde, that Kim Wilde interview stuck in my mind.

Ever since then, I have been watching live videos of the band, and the only conclusion that I can come up with about the band is that they are mental, they might act like fools on stage, but they are talented musicians and proper entertainers, and they get the crowd involved, and this is what you want in a band. Where can you go to a gig to see a band and be entertained. This is what gets me about some bands in the world today, that they forget to entertain the fans, and it is all about the fans, as the fans put the bands where they are. But with Lawnmower Deth they do entertain their fans, they do give their fans value for money.

I would give Lawnmower Deth a definite 5 out of 5

Project Metal Music

* This Was Taken From Lawnmower Deth’s Wikipedia Page

Since writing this blog, Lawnmower Deth have announced that they are releasing a new track (first new material in 23 years), it is called I Am Cob, it will be available from the Download Festival website from the 29th of April.

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