Reece: Noisebox E.P. Review


Ever since Robert Reece sent Reece’s Noisebox E.P. to me, I have been listening to it for most of last night and most of today. Since I started to listen to this E.P., I have come appreciated where Reece’s influences have come from.

In the first track on the E.P. Fear, this is a really cool song, as it has got some really cool vocals and some nifty guitars and drums on it. The influences on this track, that I could hear is a bit of Bon Jovi, in the vocals with a bit of Tom Petty. The guitars has some Dream Theater and the drums has a mixture of some Gary Newman and the people that i mentioned.

Peace & Harmony, has definitely got a Marillion kick to it as the beginning of the track reminds of Marillion’ Brave album and this continues through the song, plus there is a hint of R.E.M. in there as well which make this song interesting, and is one of my favourite tracks off the E.P.

Noisebox is my favourite track of the E.P. as this has got that oomph to it. The drums of this reminds me of Ian Mosely of Marillion fame, and Robert Reece’ vocals on this are superb as you can hear his influence of Marillion’ singer Steve Hogarth. The guitars are sublime as there is some nice riffage on this track.

I Won’t Let This Go To Waste is a really nice chill out song, as there is some sweet guitars and some nice drums, the vocals really capture the tone of this track superbly, and you can definitely hear some Bon Jovi on this track.

Overall This E.P. is amazing. It is one those little gems that you unexpectedly stumble upon, and you think “Oh yeah, this band is pretty cool”.

If you are seriously into Prog Rock, you would love this band, so go check them out on their Facebook page,

I would give Reece a 4.5 out of 5 for this brilliant Prog Rock E.P.

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