Calligram Review

Last night, I was talking to Matteus Cavina of Cavina, and I asked him if he knew of any decent bands, so he racked his brain, he said “Oh I know, give Calligram a listen to”. “OK” I said, knowing that he has recommended to me some pretty awesome bands in the last few weeks. Also he said to me that his brother Eduardo (also of the band Cavina) played with the band last year.

Last night I bought and downloaded Calligram’s four track E.P. When I started to listen to the first track off the E.P., Murder of a Silhouette, OK granted it might start off slow but that will lull you into a false sense of security, the song does kick in, and in a big way, the shear power of it, it will make your brain explode and make your ears bleed, in a good way. The sound of this track, to me, has a hint of Dimmu Borgir’s Gateway song.

The Worthless Kind is the second track off the E.P., it is 4 minutes of shear, in your face brutality. I like this song because of the drums and the guitar solos, the bass guitar thunderous on this track its unbelievable.

Strength In Numbers is the third track. like the second, this brilliant drums, bass and some pretty good riffs, this track will melt your face off if you let it and you should let it.

Sandstorm is the final track of the E.P. If you crank up the volume on this track, the thunderous drums and bass of this song will blast your chest open, rip out your heart and feast upon it, as its fast and furious from start to finish.

Well Calligram, you have literally succeeded in make my ears bleed and my brain to melt.

This the first properly good Black Metal band that has been recommended to me in over 10 years. The last decent Black Metal band that was recommended to me was Carpathian Forest by a friend of mine (sadly he’s no longer with us) and that was 10 years ago.

I would definitely give Calligram a 4.5 out of 5 for being so brutally good.

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