Romeo’s Pistol Gig Review

When I was in my local pub the other week, I was talking to the managers, and they said to me that they got this band playing on the 15th of April, and when they said that they played a wide range of music, anything from The Beatles to Oasis to Bon Jovi to Stevie Wonder plus many more, I said to them that I’ll be around to see them. As the day arrived, and time for them to play The Guide Post in Ryhope, Sunderland.

This 3 piece band of 20 somethings started off with James’ Sit Down I thought “OK, this is alright, a decent cover”, they played it well. As they went on into the next song the singer tried a bit of banter with the crowd, I wouldn’t say it failed, but the crowd were trying to figure out the band, and the crowd responded politely.

The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love was the next song and this was a pretty decent cover song that they did. as they went on they cover some early 90’s Brit rock song which were good. to hear as I haven’t heard some of these tracks in years.

The Buzzcocks was up next and they did Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) and when they started this song the crowd started to warm to the band as this is a timeless classic from the late 70’s.

As the band moved on from The Buzzcocks, and started another song, I was starting to like this band, as the guitarist was doing some really good riffing and bassist was amazing and the drummer, well, what can I say about the drummer apart from being a stereotypical drummer, demented (in a good way).

The Beatles came next with a rendition of Come Together, I have never liked The Beatles, but Romeo’s Pistol’ version of this song is a decent song, but I would say it was better than the Beatles, plus it had some pretty sweet riffs.

Now that the crowd have heard the band a bit more, the singer/guitarist was starting to become more comfortable and he was doing more banter and the crowd was responding to him.

When they started to play Love Machine by Girls Aloud, I was thinking “Whoa, this is not what I was expecting”, but they pulled it off and they crowd was starting to sing along with the band.

The last 2 songs they did before they took a break was, Arctic Monkeys track Sun Goes Down and a Bon Jovi track Its My Life, and they totally rocked these songs.

When they took a break, I was thinking, “OK, aren’t bad, I have heard better, but they picked it up at the end of the first half the set” at this point was going to give them a 3.5 out of 5, but thought, no wait until the second half to see what they bring to the table, so Bring It On.

Oasis was the first band they did for the start of the second half, and the track was Running Around My Mind, I have never liked Oasis, never have done and I never will like them, but Romeo’s Pistol version of this track was pretty good.

When they started to do some Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the track By The Way, that was it the crowd went berserk for the song, as RHCP played the Sunderland a few years back.

Superstition by Stevie Wonder was up next, this was a brilliant cover of the classic. Erasure was next and the band did a good job of doing the song that they did.

The band did Don’t You Want Me by the Human League, this was better than the original, as it was a lot heavier, and had some sweet distortion on the guitar, the singer couldn’t get some of the top notes of the song as he slightly struggled in getting them, that was the only downside to the song.

As the gig went on, I noticed that the drummer was becoming more intense, as he was becoming more relaxed, and the bassist was doing the same. A they were doing more songs, they were doing some pretty good tracks that everyone was enjoying.

Katrina & The Waves song Walking On Sunshine was the track they did, and the whole band was getting more into it the gig. And they were doing more banter with the crowd and the crowd were responding more to them.

When they did Chuck Berry’s Johnnie B Goode, the crowd went mental as they lapped this up to a point that they started dance even more. when the singer said that we’re going back to the 60’s for this song, it wasn’t released in the 60’s it was released in 1958.

By this they have been playing for over 1 hour 30 minutes and tiredness was starting to creep in slowly, as there was some bum notes but what do you expect for playing live for that length of time.

U2’s With Or Without You. Well Romeo’s Pistol’ version was a lot better than U2’s, as they did a better job of doing the track and got more passion into it. The Jam was next with A Town Called Malice, this was another song that got the crowd going mental, to the point that even the managers were getting into it, as they were dancing behind the bar.

They did 2 more Oasis songs Champagne Supernova and Don’t Look Back In Anger, these were really good versions and after nearly 2 hours of playing the band were starting tire, the drummer looked knackered and the singer was sounding very croaky, the bassist still looked fresh as a daisy.

Their final song of the night was The Rembrandts I’ll Be There For You, you know it as the Friends theme song, and they did this song justice, and the crowd where loving it.

This band has caught my attention and I would like to see this band again, and hopefully they will do some original music of their own.

At first I was going to give them a 3.5 out of 5, but now after the second half of the gig I’ll give them a 4.5 out of 5 for playing some brilliant tunes in the 2nd half of their set

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10 thoughts on “Romeo’s Pistol Gig Review

  1. This is a very detailed review, with some very good points but I really could not rate this band above 3 out of five, or ten even personally. I felt that the band themselves weren`t very together, nor did the members themselves seem very polite or respectful. Some of the songs when I heard them really didnt get anyone going and for what seemed like a pub band only – I wouldn’t want to hear them again. There renditions on some of the classics felt like the songs were changed so every song sounded like it was by oasis. The lead singer has a rough voice that couldnt really hit the high notes for a lead singer- maybes this was perhaps why? the bassist was however really good and seemed like the nicest guy out of the band!


    1. Which band are you in mate I look forward to seeing you get up and perform, if you have the bottle and the ability? These are amateurs providing free entertainment for the likes of you to the best of their ability, if you have nothing positive to say stay in and play Xbox.


      1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Stop challenging comments you`re clearly getting upset about on here, I wouldn`t be surprised if the band asked you to back them up. Its not exactly free if they get paid to perform there, they still get their tip.


  2. I used to be suggested this website via my cousin. I am no longer sure whether or not this submit is written by means of him as nobody
    else recognise such precise approximately my problem. You’re incredible!



  3. I`ve seen this band unfortunately and was surprised someone would actually review them,as they didnt come across as something of much importance.This reviews a good read though ! I really wouldn`t recommend them at all. The singer really struggled with most of the songs where the drummer was far too into it that it ruined the balance of the band completely. Below the minimum bar band that plays every pub they wish to try and make money.


    1. Check their website they are booked up most of 2016 and 2017 so their wish to make money as you say is coming true, pity you didn’t spot that potential to showcase your talent and make money. Never mind stay in and save your money rather than support bands who are enjoying themselves and getting regular re books for loads of money!


      1. Hmm , considering I`ve seen this band as well and like to me , what a pile of rubbish youre on about. Also I know James above and his band is quality, not just for the money but enjoy it too,customer and themselves come first. When are you showcasing your talent more like?
        This band clearly only cares about the money, probably the only reason they started and for the quality of the band they completely overcharge. I`m seriously surprised they have so much bookings. I guess everyone needs an average wedding band these days to pull your big day through. Little pub gigs on the off week isnt what I`d call loads of money, and they probably get regular bookings because no decent band would want them.


  4. Yeah I agree with Alex here, the songs appeared like everyone was written by an oasis cover band haha. The lead singer seemed like a proper jerk when I saw him. Band to avoid!


  5. Bloody hell, saying they are better than The Beatles and U2 for doing a covers of their songs, what you on? have you actually seen this band , its like Romeos Piss-tol


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