Outlaws & Moonshine: 1919 E.P. Review

On Thursday I was doing a review of a gig I went to two nights ago, and I noticed a message come up on Facebook, that was message was that Bill Chavis like the the Project Metal Music page on Facebook. So I went to his page on there, and I noticed that he Fouder/CEO of HighVolMusic. So I messaged him and got on talking about bands that might want reviews doing, so he sent me the band Outlaws & Moonshine over.

When I got Outlaws & Moonshine’s 1919 E.P. and started playing it, I am a fan of the Southern Rock genre but not as a big some people I know, but when the first track started to play Cootie Brown, I was thinking that these are not bad but after a few times of listening to it and all the songs 3 to 4 times, I was saying “Hell Yeah, these are pretty awesome”, as this has some awesome drums and some nice riffs, and the singer is spot on.

Whiskey, the second track off the 1919 E.P. is one of my favourite songs. OK it might start off slow with an acoustic guitar, then bang, it slaps you across the face with some awesome drums and exquisite guitar riffs.

Hey Y’All, this is another song that I like as it has sweet pretty awesome guitar riffs and the drummer is damn good, I could argue until the end of time about the importance of a good drummer in a rock and metal band, and the driving force the drummer has for a brilliant rock song, and this song is the proof of it.

Redneck Me, is a slow song that I’m not really keen on, but I can see some people liking it. Don’t get me wrong it is a good track, but…. 

Different Kind Of Man is a good solid track that will get you nodding your head and saying Yeah, this is good, I can listen to this all day.

As I have listened to this E.P. for a couple of hours and I can genuinely say that I have become a fan of this band, You definitely need to get a hold of this E.P. you will not regret getting it, check out Outlaws & Moonshine’s website for information about them.

I would give this band 4.5 out of 5 as they are pretty awesome

Project Metal Music

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