Heaven the Axe – kick ass rock from Australia

Australian, female fronted, Heaven the Axe is an Australian kick ass rock band from Melbourne & was founded in 2009 by Phoebe Pinnock & Steve Watts.

The band has gone through a number of changes since they started but basically consists of Phoebe Pinnock ( vocals), Steve Watts (guitar) & Tommy Rossell (drums).

This band is not as well known here in the US, but should be. They released an 8-song EP in 2011 & a single, plus have recorded 2 songs for film/TV. I listened to their tracks & they really rock. My favorite song is “Fat Pizza” which was written for a movie. I dare say I can hear some punk influences on this track.

There is no album yet so I cannot give a rating, but if you want some good old fashioned kick ass rock, then you should get to know this band better. I know we will hear more from them in the future. They have successfully played Australian gigs alongside Rose Tattoo, Butcher Babies & Zakk Wylde.

I was fortunate to get an interview with Phoebe:

PMM: Please tell us a bit about the band members’ musical background.
Phoebe: Sure! The band has had members from bands such as Manticore, Damaged, House Of Thumbs, Abramelin, The Berzerker among others. I haven’t been in other bands but I grew up perving on boys who were. Now I have my dream come true.

PMM: Any plans to tour the US?
Phoebe: Hell yeah we’d love that. We’re writing a new album now with our new members, one of which is moving from Croatia to join in late April.

PMM: Can you describe the heavy metal scene in Australia especially around Melbourne?
Phoebe: There’s so many scenes and subgenres. Australia is a huge land so there’s a lot of traveling involved in touring but we love playing to our friends all over the country. I just do it for all the hugs I get.

PMM: Which of your previous shows would you consider to have been the most memorable? Why?
Phoebe: I’d have to say playing Hammersonic International Metal Festival in March 2015. It was like we had entered another dimension. I couldn’t walk anywhere without being mobbed for photos and autographs and the crowd was tens of thousands and they went wild. The fruit was wild and exotic and we dined with Lamb of God.

PMM: Which other Australian bands would you consider to be your favorites?
Phoebe: Hiatus Kaiotye and Mustang. No ones ever heard of Mustang cos apparently they are the drunkest band in Australia and they simply don’t give a shit. But their album Hotmanvenom is the greatest bar none.

PMM: What is the band working on right now?
Phoebe: We’re training the new bassist, waiting for the new guitarist to arrive from Croatia and writing the new album. It’s actually great to not play live and just be pregnant with our new music baby.

PMM: On a side note, do any of the band members have any pets?
Phoebe: Tommy has a dog. It’s a big dog. We have five goldfish for good fortune. I want a little fluffy white dog so bad!


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