Divine Ascension – female fronted metal from Australia

A little while ago, I stumbled upon an Australian female fronted symphonic metal band named Divine Ascension. For fans of Nightwish and Epica this band is a true treasure. They are not widely known in the U.S., but sure should be.

The band consists of Jennifer Borg on vocals, Karl Szulik on lead guitar, Robb Inglis on rhythm guitar, David Van Pelt on keyboards, Jason Meracis on bass, and Luke Wenczel on drums. Jennifer has classical voice training, and boy do you hear that in their songs. The band members have been playing instruments from early youth and have perfect control over them.

Divine Ascension formed in 2007 and released their first album As the Truth Appears in 2011. The second album Liberator came out in 2014, and a third album is in the works. They have toured Australia (of course) and parts of Europe with bands such as Stratovarius and Blind Guardian.

I was unable to get a copy of their first album, but did manage to listen in to the Liberator album with the title track being the (imho) most powerful song on the album. I like the change in tempo in some of the songs, which once again proves, these guys know how to play their instruments. There are a few balladic slower songs of which Red Sky is my favorite. I would suggest anyone listening to this genre of metal to complete their musical library with this band’s album(s).

While I was hoping to interview Jennifer or Kurt, unfortunately they are probably so busy with the third album that their response time was just not within my deadline so maybe we will post that at a later time.

Buy the album! I give it a 5 out of 5 rating.

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