Radio Exile: Radio Exile Album Review

For the last few days, I have been listening to Radio Exile and their self-titled album Radio Exile, and these guys are pretty decent. I as started listening to the album, I don’t know what to expect form this band, as I never came across them before.

The first track of the album, High Road, High Price, I thought was really good to the point were it is starting to become one of my favourites, as good drums and guitars with some exceptional vocals. Throughout the album this continued, and on the track Soulfire you can hear the singer belt out some powerful vocals, and the harmonies are pretty good in the chorus and the bass and drums work very well here.

On No Pity On The Highway, there is a brilliant drum solo followed by some major riffing that will get get you headbanging, the guitars have been slightly de-tuned which any self respecting rocker/metaller would love and this is another song, by this band that I like.

Feels Like Home is a pretty good Rock Ballad, and this song show off the vocal range of the singer. There is some pretty good musicianship here and they band compliments the singer brilliantly. Higher Than The Sun, is Similar to Feels Like home but more up tempo.

Hang On, is a pretty decent song, this is a lot better song than that of a similar Soft Rock/Rock bands. Starting Over is a solid rock song that you can play at anytime of the day or night, and has some decent riffs, and the backing vocals and string sections on this track works well and gives this song some depth.

Down In A Hole, at the beginning of this song reminds me of Marillion’s Incommunicado, and then explodes in to a proper rock track that you can quite happily dance to, and has some pretty decent riffs.

A Cross On Stone, this is a love song, which to many people will like, but to me this not my bottle of vodka, but I did enjoy it. Road To Exile has an eastern feel to it as it has some percussion instruments from India, and this shows they skill by the band, that they can play different instruments from around the world and this is another track that I like.

Radio Exile is really good band that you should check out.

I would give this band a 4 out of 5 for some proper rock tunes

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