Straightshot Gig Review

Usually when I go and see a band live or listen to them, I tend to do some research on the band that going to see, and I looked on there Facebook page, but got little to go on, but what the hell I went to see them at The Guide Post in Ryhope, Sunderland. Just as well I did, as this band is brilliant.

Straightshot are a four piece band from Seaham, in County Durham, which is a town just south of Ryhope. The band consists of two guitarist, a bassist and a drummer, and the drummer (this is rare in a band) is the singer as well.

When I went around to The Guide Post, the was setting up and doing a sound check, as I was listening to it, I was paying close attention to what the overall sound of it was, and it sounded good.

As the gig started, they started off with Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild. this was a brilliant cover of the classic rock song, that was the start of a brilliant gig, and the went through the set, they played Deep Purple’s Black Night, I thought “Whoa, if a band was going to do a Deep Purple song its usually Smoke On The Water”, I am glad they did this track.

When the drummer said that they were doing Thin Lizzy’ Whiskey in the Jar, and I was thinking “You better not ruin this” as Whiskey is an all time classic, and thankfully they didn’t, Phil Lynott will be proud Straightshot for getting this absolutely spot on. When they finished Whiskey they went straight into U.F.O.’s Doctor, Doctor, this is rarely played even for a cover band and they got it down to a tee.

As the set went on the guitarists were shredding away, and doing some Serious Riffin’ (no G), the drummer was was thumping his tubs with some passion and is one hell of a singer, the bassist was giving his bass what for. By this time some of the crowd started get up and rocking out to the band.

When the band started to play Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, This really got the crowd going, OK granted The singer doesn’t have the power of Billy Idol, but he did belt it out and brilliant at it.

Run To You by Bryan Adams was up next, the singer did this really well, and the guitarists were shredding the shit out of there guitars and they do get a massive thumbs up from me as they were making the guitar sing.

When one of the locals asked if they would play AC/DC’s Highway To Hell, they yes they would, I thought “OH fuck, they better not mess this up” but they nailed it, the riffs and shreds were coming thick and fast as they went through this song.

Joe Cocker was up next with the rendition of With A Little Help From My Friends, this version of the track it is one of the best versions that I have heard in years, and the drummer/singer was really going for in this song.

I have never really liked Bon Jovi but when they started to play Living On A Prayer, the drummer came from behind his drum kit and started to sing to someone in the audience, and after a verse or two he quickly got back behind his kit and carried on with the song and believe me when I say this he did a exquisite job and same with the band, also I would say they did the song better than Bon Jovi.

When they came to do The Cult’s She Sells Sanctuary, I thought “OH god this is going to be a car crash”, but they did pull it off, and they were getting better and better with each song they did.

One of my favourite tracks of all time is Robert Palmer’s Addicted To Love, they nailed this song to the point that if I see this again they better do it, as it was performed perfectly, and they guitarists were plucking riffs out of the air, and this is why I really enjoyed this version of the track.

As they pulled out another rock classic from their bag of trick, they played Free’s Alright Now, as they started to play the song, I was “OMG this is better than the original”. the musicianship of this band is tremendous. Cum Feel The Noize by Slade came next. This was a good song by them, but the best.

Now, back in 1998 I went to see the original line up Black Sabbath in Milton Keynes and they played Paranoid, and when Straightshot played it, well FFS this band knows how to nail a song, and they are awesome. Their last song of the night was Bad Company’s Can’t Get Enough and it was brilliant.

If you have seen or heard of Straightshot, go and check their Facebook page out now.

A big thank you to Julie and Keith for putting a brilliant band on at The Guide Post tonight.

I would give Straightshot a 5 out of 5 for being a awesome band

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