Alunah Review

When I found Alunah a few months back, I wasn’t overly impressed by them, as they sound very much like an early Black Sabbath tribute band, but after listening to or watching their videos for a good few weeks, I was thinking “Yeah, now I see where they are coming from”. When I realized where they were coming from, they were coming from a nature’s point of view, were nature is channeling its essence through Alunah and through their music, and they are saying that the world is dying and we should stop what we are doing to the planet, and help nurture it back to full health.

Alunah are from the Walsall area of the UK, which is just outside of Birmingham, the same area which Black Sabbath and Judas Priest hail from. And Sabbath and Priest have past on the torch to Alunah, and they have accepted the torch and they a running with it, and they are, with pride, holding  it aloft and keeping the spirit of Heavy Metal alive.

As I did some research on Alunah they have the same record label with such bands  as Delain, Powerwolf, Greenleaf etc, so they are in good company as bands go.

As for Alunah’s music goes, its very similar to the very early Black Sabbath’s albums, which in a way is very reminiscent, with this, it will please a lot of Hard Rock/Metal fans of the early 70’s.

If you haven’t heard of Alunah, I would highly recommend that you go check them out. They have 3 full albums out, “Call of Avernus” (2010), “White Hoarhound” (2012), and “Awakening The Forest” (2014)

I would definitely give Alunah 4 out of 5 as these are making a stand, and keeping hard rock and metal alive.

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